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Cotswold Outdoors Review

Cotswold Outdoor has a wide range of children and adult clothing and accessories for everyone to enjoy. .

Before I start I must mention that Cotswold Outdoors  have been used by us lots of time already, Paige  is working her way through the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, she aways has her boots bought there, socks, equipment, the reason being the service. We use Cotswold Outdoors for any camping trips or for holiday essentials.

The staff make time to get the clothing and gear right for the person. Paige is very slender and had to get boots that were right for her narrow heel and high instep.

They ensured she left the shop with a good pair of boots that fit really well, in fact, she returned from her first Bronze practice and subsequent  actual trek, with an unopened pack of blister plasters.
We trust their advice now, so for me when I was asked to review them and some of their gear I was pretty confident already.

This single pole is a high quality three section 7075 alloy trekking pole with an on-off antishock system built in. The Eva Grip handle with neoprene strap is comfortable in use and the pole comes complete with a 50mm basket, a carbide tip and rubber tip protector.
Paige found this to be an essential, although only after she saw a few of her D of E companions use them while on the last trip. The pole is foldable so easy to store, so light it did not add to her weight. She said it was a lifesaver on her recent silver practice, maybe a little exaggerated but she did find it to be invaluable. It dug in and helped her balance. Gave her an extra arm she said as if somebody was helping her up a hill.

Restyled for this season, the Verden features the updated, BIOFIT back system, in a women's specific fit. The benefit to improved load carriage comfort, making this an ideal choice of backpack for all levels of experience.
When it comes to a Duke of Edinburgh approved rucksack for women, she found this to be ideal.  
This bag is amazing, for weight alone it was good, her back was much improved on previous treks, yes she was weary and achy but not at the start and her energy was there longer she felt.
 The silver award  is a longer expedition, you carry all your food, tent, everything you need so she had extra supplies. She said that it did not feel as heavy as her Bronze trips.
The straps she felt were great, easy to adjust at the front, it fit her height, and tiny frame.
I saw this when she wore it. The first trip she did she was too slight to carry this size bag, she nearly keeled over when packed on. So she had a smaller bag for those trips which meant all her stuff was too packed. This bag she did not look overladen.
The inbuilt water reservoir meant she did not have a choice of vital water in a bottle out of reach or near to hand but annoying if it moved about.
It was a tough bag that survived being sat on, it had a raincover that went straight over, again not having a separate cover made it fast to get on and keep moving. Walking pole neatly fit in the attachment, Berghaus seemed to have thought of all needs.
Paige's only moan was the carry handle she said was too small,even in her tiny hands she felt it needed to be bigger. That said it was still strong enough to hold the weight.

We were impressed by the Cotswold suggestions for Paige's practice trip and we both highly recommend you take a look online or instore at the vast range of gear for adults and teens including Waterproof Jackets, Baselayer Tops,Baselayer Bottoms, Lifestyle Clothing and Footwear from leading brands such as North Face, Berghaus, Salomon, Lowe Alpine and Merrell.

Cotswold Outdoors also have a huge selection of camping equipment including Tents, Sleeping Bags, Lanterns & Torches; Travel Equipment such as Rucksacks, GPS, Leki Walking Poles, Luggage and Climbing gear

Also don't forget the new Explore More card for great discounts, competitions and previews. See more details when you click here 

Take a look at the  range of Children's  accessories below.

Ladybird Little backpack RRP £19

Designed to inject a bit of fun into taking the kids outdoors, they should love this little pack, with a pullout hood, removeable child safety strap and a different animal pattern - you may have trouble taking this away from them at the end of the day! British Standard Certified.

Hi-Tec Altitude IV Waterproof boots - junior RRP £30

Dry feet are happy feet. For kids who like wild places these waterproof boots have a soft, padded leather collar to protect ankles and durable carbon rubber soles that will stand up to the most adventurous scrambling.
Columbia Edie Princess Set RRP £50


Bundle your sweet little princess in this super cozy set and let her roam throughout her kingdom in style. Fully lined with pillow-soft fleece, it's super warm and perfect against sensitive baby skin. Fully waterproof to protect against the spring showers, and the bibs feature convenient adjustable snaps to ensure the perfect fit. A zip all the way along the inseam makes both dressing and diaper changes a cinch.

Little Life Freedom Child Carrier RRP £150
The Freedom is a highly specified carrier, ideally suited to long rambles or days out. This carrier uses a fully adjustable Airflow backsystem which maintains an air gap between the carrier and your back

With a wide range of outdoor equipment and clothing Cotswold Outdoor stock top brands in waterproof jackets, walking/trekking pants, boots, travel accessories – everything you need for your family this spring

Mypure Lovea Bio Argan Oil Review

As a beauty blogger for mypure I have been trying lots of shampoo, I love hair products and about two years ago my hairdresser introduced me to Moroccan Oil as a great alternative to hair serum great when smoothing hair especially when using straighteners.

She could not encourage me to part with over £30 for a bottle. Just far too expensive!

I was happy when I saw the mypure Argan oil described as the undisputed anti wrinkle treatment, that has to be a serious addition to any woman's beauty stash!

It comes in a glass bottle with pump dispenser. I pumped some into my hand to see what it feels like and even though its oil its not greasy if that makes sense? It is easily rubbed into my skin and feel light, it smells funny as it first is applied, this I am glad to say does not remain as I may not have kept on with it.

A week later I added some ylang ylang oil to it after having a bath and it was really lovely.

I have been using it on my face after washing each morning and it feels light not at all greasy and absorbs well. It seems to make my skin more hydrated, I still have used a moisturiser later but that seems to work better.
I have used on the tips and mid lengths of my hair and it has made my hair really good, smooth, great condition considering its had bleach highlights added.

Lovely as a hand soother after the garden. It really is great and best of all, I have been very liberal in use, but its just lasting so well, hardly a quarter gone in nearly a month.

They added it to the Lovea Bio Brilliance shampoo too, you can read my review by clicking here
Argan Oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids (often referred to as Vit F) and Vit E, it is the undisputed anti-wrinkle treatment. Used as a hair mask it fortifies the hair shaft and brings life back to dull hair.

Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil has been used for centuries by local tribes in North Africa but only recently has it come to the attention of cosmetic scientists. Research shows that the oil is packed with beautifying ingredients like vitamin E, phenols, carotenes and essential fatty acids, in fact it is over 70% oleic & linoleum acids. These essential fatty acids are also known as the skin vitamin - Vitamin F, and just like other vitamins the body is unable to produce its own Vitamin F.

Argan oil has a strong aroma which fades quickly, the smell reminds most people of fresh olive stones.
Argan oil increases skin elasticity, nourishes and helps normalise the skin. Argan Oil is a 100% natural skin food and regular use will keep your skin in tip top condition.


Lovea (Copar) oils are supplied in an airtight glass bottle with a sealed pump dispenser at the top. Prior to shipping we store bottles in dark boxes to keep the oils fresh and preserve the anti-oxidants. Once opened we recommend the oil is stored away from direct sunshine and heat sources.

Everything sold by mypure is sulfate free, paraben free & phthalate free. To find out about other chemicals you may want to avoid view our mypure promise and the chemical checklist.


mypure Lovea Bio Moroccan Argan Oil Brilliance Shine Shampoo

I told you recently I was selected as a beauty blogger for mypure recently. 

This month  for one of my choices I decided to stay with  something that features heavily in bathroom discussions in our house, yes like last month its shampoo again.

As I mentioned before we all have varying hair types I have coloured hair prone to greasy roots and dry ends. Paige oily and flyaway locks, Chris thick dry hair and Conor washes his sometimes twice a day so he can style it a certain way, his being oily from over washing but you cannot tell him ;) (and they say girls are always in  the bathroom!)

I came across the Lovea Bio range and spotted the Moroccan Argan Oil Brilliance Shine.
Now most people would shy away from oil in a product if they have oily hair, but luckily my hairdresser introduced me to Argan Oil benefits about 2 years ago. I know its amazing stuff, that actually is as good on oily hair or skin as on dry. Read my Zeen Argan Oil Review  here

Its a lovely shampoo for me, I recently had my hair coloured, I reviewed the A'kin Hair Care Ylang Ylang range to see how it was but wanted a shinier hair too.
The Lovea Bio works really well. It has a good lather, I found I did not need to use much to get  good coverage.
It rinses out easily and when dry, I definitely saw shine!

My hair also feels silky and  more manageable. Conor still washed his hair too much and slathers moulding wax on it, but at the weekend while he was revising so not doing the teen bad hair day woe routine, I mentioned he had shiny hair too. This did not impress him, he wants perfect hair!!

Paige felt her hair was a bit more greasy than before she used it, so maybe having fine natural hair, its a little heavy so prefers the A'kin.

Chris perhaps had the best result, his very coarse dry hair seems dull and it really made a difference. Glossy, soft and looked rich.
A very good valued £4.99 for 200 ml

Lovea Moroccan Argan Brilliance Shine Shampoo is a certified organic shampoo ideal for lifeless, dull hair, it fortifies hair and restores sheen and brilliance. This shampoo is formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil, one of nature’s treasures for its nutritive, regenerative, anti-ageing properties.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Magpie Monday for Less than Four and Twenty!

I finally got one!!  No not the pie silly !!
Magpie Monday actually is responsible for this wishlist buy, as I wanted  a pie funnel for ages, it helped make me go for it and as usual I wanted more than just an EBay bargain, see below.
 Ultimately I would've liked one of the blackbird type pie vents, my granny had one and she sang Four and Twenty blackbirds as she popped the poor little bird in, to be encased in pastry and boiled in hot beef. Poor thing always looked desperate, the beak open as if shouting "Get me out, its bloomin hot in here!"
I love making pies sweet and savoury, in order to let the steam escape and get a crisp top, I have been fashioning a pastry chimney which makes my pie creations look a bit naff. I spend time covering my filling making it look good, often crimping the edges,  then because there is this crater in the middle which if made any smaller collapses in, the pie just isn't as tidy as I would like.
See the steak and ale pie above not as nice looking with a hole in the middle!
OK the pie is tasty but I also want it to look cute, I of course could have bought a modern Kitchen Devils pie vent, but I do like vintage pieces in the kitchen.
Its a white stoneware pie  funnel, a popular design made in  the 1930-1940s and is marked by the maker Nutbrown who are a well known English pottery and kitchenware company.
Its made in Staffordshire home of the potteries. There are lots of these going on Ebay but I did not want to pay over the odds, some have been fetching over £10.

Even though the seller has other pie funnels on for more, I got his/her fabulous Fat Fingers moment where in a slip of the keyboard, was listed as a pie fubnel so scooped this one for £1.99  and £1.50 post and packing. If you are saying What is Fat Fingers? click the phrase and help yourself to others mistakes.
(It pays to read back what you type, says me queen of the blunder!!)

So there you go, my pies will look pretty and I snaffled a bargain.
For more bloggers Magpie Monday purchases this week pop over to  see lovely Liz at Me and My Shadow 

Me and My Shadow

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Mama Mio Get Waisted Review

OK time to get beach body beautiful, that's the message that's thrust into our eyes and at our thighs this time of year. When it starts to get warm I don't want to think about what I look like I just have to lose the layers and get cool.
I have gained my usual winter tummy, lots more stews and reviews this winter and I need a hand, I'm watching what I eat and have renewed my cycling efforts for legs and butt, but still have some body issues. I was sent the Mama Mio  Get Waisted to try.  See my full review below. This is an item sent to me from Debenhams Beauty Hall.

They say

"With Summertime only around the corner and the dreaded call to bare skin beckons, it’s essential to guarantee that our skin and body are prepped for maximum exposure. Tighten those wobbly bits and scrub away tired looking winter skin with these hot picks from Debenhams Beauty Hall.

 Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt 100ml (£29.70)

Dubbed a ‘holiday in a bottle’, this exquisite treatment oil contains an exotic blend of coconut oil and frangipani flowers, offering long-lasting hydration to troublesome dry areas such as elbows, knees & nails.

Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow (£35.50)

Scrub away your winter blues with this invigorating exfoliating treatment. Enhanced with detoxifying sea salt, stimulating ginger and purifying lime peel for sumptuously smooth, glowing skin – great for prepping skin for that lusted ‘cared-for’ glow.

Clarins Extra Firming Body Care (£39.32)

Easily absorbed, this luxurious, deeply comforting cream is a must for tightening, firming and defining tired, lacklustre skin. With nourishing Shea Butter, detoxifying Agrimony, Pro-Vitamin A (to stimulate cell renewal) and patented anti-ageing Bocoa, your skin will be left soft yet firm.

To purchase these products head to your nearest Debenhams Beauty Hall

The Mama Mio Get Waisted smells good, it comes out looking quite thick and is also thick when massaging in, however it absorbs very quickly.
Its simple to use, its a case of  massaging it in clockwise circles for at least 30 seconds.

It says on the bottle to use two pumps of it to get the job done, but fear not there are 190 pumps-worth of Get Waisted in one bottle!  This magic doesn't happen over night, so it says on the bottle, Ilike that it mentions this, is it just me that stares intently at an area just swathed in the latest miracle cream, looking for an instant result?

After a week I can see a difference, I am not claiming any weight loss, just a more toned look, less to massage it feels and looks like. The science behind the cream gives me confidence.

Get Waisted works by encouraging lipolysis in the fat cells within your skin. The release of these lipids reduces their size – yes, making them smaller. When combined with our double-action smoothing and tightening agents, it has an amazing ‘svelting’ and reducing effect on areas that have excess wobble and sponginess. Get Waisted is packed with no less than 9 individual ‘fat busting’ actives that work together to maximise the long term effects.
£35 at Debenham's Beauty Hall

You can read lots more at

Zap It Review This works!

Scientific study confirms effectiveness of Zap-It!on mosquito bites.

Jo's studies also confirm it works, but nearly didn't.

I had a long time to wait for a bite, not something I generally would do, wait for a bite, I recently got some great repellent, but as I discussed there I seem to be particularly attractive to biters.
Conor made me really laugh when he said "Give me a fiver and I will sit near our pond to get bitten so you can try it"
Not for the bite but so he can zap himself!! 

Mad child.

Finally I got attacked by a Mozzie, the lovely little creature dined out on my arm and leg.

I got the Zap It ready,  l was  slightly nervous, did I really want to add a shock to a burning hot itchy bite? But it was at that level of itch where I was already wanting to claw the bites and then I have a scar that lasts for weeks.

So I gingerly applied to my arm first.
The first zap made me jump but really felt like a slight pinch, not a bad pinch a squeeze almost.

Encouraged I zapped five times as suggested first and waited.....

Nothing, if anything the itch seemed more intense and hotter. I was slightly annoyed and chucked it on the sofa in disgust.

I went to put the kettle on and then noticed the bite site seemed hot but like in a muscle rub Deep Heat sense.

I then plain forgot as I got a telephone call, then a knock at the door, it was about 15 minutes later when I realised it was not itching, hurting or anything. I rubbed it to see and there wasn't an itchy feeling at all.

I can't wait to get bitten again real soon!! Not really, but I have something that relieves it now, which makes summer evenings less of a stress.

Update several weeks on, this works really well, I have mentioned before when a mosquito nibbles on me, I have a severe reaction, nearly hospitalized for one, this seems to  mostly keep them enlarging into the huge hard hot infected bites. I say mostly as I do not always get the Zap-It to the bite on time. 

Mozzies…..universally unpopular and guaranteed to put the dampeners on things with their buzzing, dive-bombing and blood-sucking antics. So whether you’re back-packing through South America, honeymooning in Asia or barbecuing in your back garden - make sure you’re armed with Zap-It!

Scratching a mosquito bite may bring short-lived relief but it also floods the bitten area with histamine causing swelling, incessant urges to scratch and a risk of damaging the skin’s surface, and therefore infection. A safe, clinically tested way to deal with pesky mozzie and other insect bites¹ is to use Zap-It!- a small but effective piezo (meaning to squeeze or press) device that generates a harmless and mild (no stronger than a gentle pinch) low electrical impulse created by crystals (this same technology is commonly used in clocks, lighters and guitar pickups) to deliver harmless little ‘zaps’ which stops the itching and urge to scratch in minutes.

Recent results of a clinical study carried out at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine confirms the therapeutic benefits of Zap-It!³ on mosquito bites by reducing histamine flow, and therefore the itch, whilst stimulating the capillaries into flushing out the toxins.

Zap-It!is a registered medical device and can be used by everyone as and when required except epileptics, those fitted with a pacemaker and children under 4. Do not use directly after applying repellent. Each ‘zapper’ provides over 10,000 clicks (zaps) - enough for a lifetime of bites! Zap-It! is available from ASDA, Superdrug, Aldi, independent pharmacies, health stores, and mail order from http://www.ecobrands.com/- RRP £4.99. For more information, visit http://www.myzapit.com/

Anchor Squirty Cream, Free Fruit from Pick Your Own Farms

Why not take your family out for a lovely day in the country and enjoy a free punnet of fruit?
Anchor Squirty Cream has teamed up with over 30 pick your own fruit farms in the UK. It’s a great activity to do with all the family. Anchor Squirty Cream comes in three tasty varieties; original, light and extra thick. All are handy to keep in the fridge to jazz up a bowl of berries.


Simply purchase a can of Anchor Squirty Cream from your local stockist and download a voucher from the http://www.anchorsquirtycream.com/freefruit to claim your ‘free’ punnet of fruit.
Plus, there are eight special farms that will be visited by the ‘Squirty Road Show over eight separate weekends from June 11th – 31st July. Top spots include Pickwell Farm in Southampton; Top Barn in Worcester and The Balloon Tree Farm in York...

So, after you have picked your delicious berries, you can have a go at making the fabulous summer favourite ‘Eton Mess’, in the Squirty gazebo and take home your special Squirty sundae cup as a memento. Plus, there is a recipe card to take away to make sure you always have that special dessert up your sleeve....
The kids can bounce around on the Squirty bouncy castle with and a photographer will be on hand to capture all the fun. It’s a fabulous alternative day out which has something for everyone.

You can also join the fun by logging on to the Anchor Squirty Cream facebook page http://www.facebook.com/AnchorSquirtyCream

Visit www.anchorsquirtycream.com/freefruit for more details from May 21st

About Anchor Squirty: Anchor Squirty Cream has been loved by families for years and is available in Original, Lighter and Extra Thick varieties in 250ml cans and is stocked in supermarkets nationwide at a RRP of £1.58 for 250ml

Douwe Egberts New Refill packs

I was very pleased to receive a rather special gold package in the post this week, the lovely people from Douwe Egbert had put together a surprise delivery for me to showacase the new Dowue Egbert Refill pack.
Now as I have said in previous reviews, they do not have to do much to get my loyalty as I'm a diehard fan, the Jerry Maguire  famous line suits how I feel, "You had me at Douwe Egberts"
The new  refill packs are great a nice pouch with obvious green brownie points if you pardon the mixed metaphors! But Douwe were also thinking of their fans as well.

 They did some research which showed that we love and keep our jars! The refill packs enable us to use the jar to store new/fresh Douwe Egberts coffee. The Douwe Egberts jars have a unique stopper lid which lock in the freshness, taste and aroma of the coffee.
The jars can be reused for storing all manner of items around the house, from cotton buds in the bathroom to herbs and spices in the kitchen.

Or in my case chocolate. Paige uses them for craft embellishments all those faffy little bits for card making she used to have all over the bedroom.

They can also be refilled with the new Douwe Egberts Instants Re-fill pack.
Each pack has at least 97% less packaging weight and offers better value than the glass jars. There are two variants in the Refills Range – Pure Gold (medium roast) and Pure Indulgence (dark roast), both made from a blend of the finest quality beans to give the coffee a well-balanced flavour.

 The refill packs are available from ASDA and Morrisons stores nationwide, RSP £4.29

While I have you here I just wanted to give you the news of the
‘Be a Local Star’ campaign?

The concept for the charity campaign – Re-Fill, Re-Use or Re-Cycle – came from consumer insights into how Douwe Egberts customers use their coffee jars.

.They’re based around the three R’s:

A re-fill charity project is one that's low on funding and needs replenishing.

A re-use charity project is one which has facilities that are falling into disrepair, and funds are needed to return them to their former glory.

A re-Cycle charity project is one that transforms something unusable into something useful, such as wasteland into community allotment
A. For more information about the ‘Be a Local Star’ campaign, please email localstar@rt-com.com or call 020 7554 4496

See the campaign live at www.facebook.com/douweegbertsuk and take a look at our microsite at www.douwe-egberts.co.uk/yourchoice

Douwe Egberts is also on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/DouweEgbertsUK

Benecol Review

I am a Bzz Agent and I was sent vouchers to try Benecol and Bzz about what its like, good or bad.

I find it amazing that you can do something as simple as including foods that will actually reduce bad goings on inside your body. Benecol is one such range that helps to lower  cholesterol and therefore lowering a major risk factor for heart disease and its as easy as just adding it not only to breakfast in the spreads but adding to your everyday recipes.

I used my voucher to buy the spread and used it in the Fisherman's pie I made recently it was a cross between the recipe in the Fish Book I reviewed recently and the recipe from the Benecol site. The pie went down a treat, no discernible taste difference but great that it does not add bad cholesterol.

As you know I always change a recipe to suit and I added prawns and omitted the tomatoes and parsley. Added peppercorns and bay.

You can add Benecol through your food easily this way, if you want to do it quickly you can drink the yogurt drinks which now also come in a dairy free variety. One bottle a day is sufficient.

Benecol® is the only range of foods to contain Plant Stanol Ester, a unique cholesterol lowering ingredient. Plant Stanol Ester works with the body to significantly reduce 'bad' cholesterol by partially blocking its entry to the bloodstream.
Plant stanols occur naturally in corn, wheat, rye and other plants such as pine trees and have been proven for some time to lower cholesterol.
Benecol® combines plant stanols with rapeseed oil extracts to create Plant Stanol Ester which, in turn, can be blended easily into foods without changing their taste or quality.

Father’s Day wines from Constellation

From the awkward-dancing dad, to the thoughtful father – these  carefully selected wines are the perfect way to thank special dads for their constant supply of love and support.

Paige read that statement and said " Dad's a bit of both of those shall we get him two bottles!!" I pointed out the dancing could get worse!

I was sent some of the wines to try and being a good wife I decided to try them to see if they were fit for Fathers day, hic the first I sampled was the  Fish Hoek Sauvignon Blanc

Described as an  attractive New World mouth-filling style. It has a citrusy taste that I love a gooseberry, grapefruit flavour  This is a wine that can be sipped and sipped, great for Dad to watch a movie with.
RRP £6.99

Fish Hoek Shiraz:

 Ripe, juicy red fruit with exciting vanilla and black pepper on the nose follows through for a perfect long finish of optimum fruit and beautifully integrated wood tannin. Goes superbly with grilled steak or game.
RRP £6.99

Nottage Hill Cabernet Shiraz, Chris was very pleased with this red, he likes the fruity spicy wines and found this full and rich and a smooth taste..
It has a plum and blackcurrants taste with spice undertones. Its said to be good with slow roasted meats and Morrocan food.

Nottage Hill Pinot Noir: Sweet flavours of cherry and strawberry with hints of mint an fennel are complemented by spicy notes and sweet cigar box oak characters. Perfect with an oriental menu or thoroughly enjoyable with roast duck.
RRP £6.73

 Kumala Cabernet Shiraz: A rich nuttiness follows through on the palette, with a lingering aftertaste with a touch of chocolate. The wine will make a perfect partner to fillet steaks, lamb chops and hearty stews.
RRP £6.79

Kumala Sauvignon Blanc: A light-bodied, dry wine with hints of gooseberry and lime on the nose. Floral, crisp, pungent fruit on the palate with good concentration and length. Perfect with meats and seafood.
RRP £6.79

Chardonnay Chenin Blanc Semillon

Vintage: 2008

This wine we shared and is described as a fresh floral nose with hints of pineapple and grassy fruit. I tasted grapefruit almost lemon and I loved the crisp sharp taste. Chris who is not so keen on white liked the fact it was not sweet and liked the acidity on his palate. Perfect with chicken and Thai dishes.
This Father’s Day get your dad off his feet and let him sit back and relax with a glass of one of our wonderful wines:

Penn State Snacks New Range

I am quite excited by this news and Penn State asked me to share it.
UK pretzel giant, Penn State Snacks, is experiencing an exciting period of growth as it launches a brand new range of popcorn and pretzel flavours this summer.
Innovative new air popped Sweet & Salt (80g) and Monterey Jack Cheese (80g) popcorn flavours will be hitting the market this summer, along with the sizzling seasonal Spicy Tomato & Chorizo Pretzels (175g). Due to high demand, Penn State Snacks is also re-launching the popular Worcester Sauce Pretzels in share size 175g packs as well as handy 30g packs.
Following the trend of growth in the snacks, crisps and nuts industry, Penn State Snacks is currently outperforming in the baked category and with many major supermarkets stocking Penn State products and new listings in Boots and Superdrug, the brand presence is growing continually.
Steve Harger, from Intersnack, the company behind the Penn State brand said “All our snacks offer health benefits of a low-fat, low-calorie snack, without compromising on taste. We have been in the business of making pretzels for 15 years and after adding our delicious baked deli chips to the range in 2009, we’re now looking forward to extending further with our popcorn flavours.
“As always here at Penn State, the emphasis is on sharing and having fun and we hope our tasty new treats will continue to reinforce this.”
As the first company to produce pretzels in the UK, Penn State started production of their signature original sea salted pretzel flavour back in 1996 and since then, their popularity has steadily grown and the Great British pretzel now has a firm fan base.

New Worcester Sauce flavour pretzels are available to buy now in ASDA. Chocolate Pretzels will be available from October in Morrisons. The original range is available to buy in most major supermarkets.

Penn State’s new range is available as follows:


Monterey Jack Cheese Popcorn – available summer 2011, in 80g packs, RRP: £1.29 and Sweet & Salt Popcorn – available summer 2011, in 80g packs, RRP: £1.29. Awaiting stockist information.

Worcester Sauce Pretzels – available May 2011 in 30g and 175g packs, RRP: 60p & £1.29 respectively

Spicy Tomato & Chorizo Pretzels – available summer 2011 in 175g packs, RRP: £1.29. Awaiting stockist information.

Half-coated Milk Chocolate Pretzels – available October 2011 in 100g packs, RRP: £2.49

Gammon & Mustard Pretzels – available autumn 2011 in 175g packs, RRP: £1.29. Awaiting stockist information
The Penn State brand is owned by Intersnack, makers of Pom Bear, Chio savoury snacks and Mr.Mash.

For more information on Intersnack and Penn State go to http://www.intersnack.co.uk/ and to become a fan of Penn State Snacks, visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pennstatesnacks or join us on Twitter http://twitter.com/Pennstatesnacks