Thursday, 28 April 2011

Youngs Chip Shop Fish Fillets Review

Its the nations favourite and as a treat we like to go to a fish and chip shop. Paige and I  love Haddock and chips, Chris, and Conor opt for Cod, but its no longer a meal we consider weekly, the cost alone makes it a rarer treat.
However Young's fish is often in our freezer, its fresh tasting, the fish succulent and the batter crispy and tasty.

I make homemade chips, no longer deep fried but made in the Tefal Actifry. So along with Young's low in saturated fat's batter this is not only tasty but a healthier portion of fish and chips. They now make the batter using Kingsmill breadcrumbs and it gives it a natural crispy crumb, we all loved it. Really light and the crunch is satisfying and the crumb so tasty it had me using my chips to collect every last crumb.

I also like the size of the fish portions they fill up two growing teens a hard working hubby and a small but hungry me.

My favourite white fish is haddock, I like the meatier texture, we were sent Young's Cod to review and I have not eaten it for ages and was surprised to find I loved it as much and had forgotten quite how good it tastes. they are lovely sized portions. 

I have bought more already and if you are quick, until the 2nd May Tesco have a saving of 94p on both the Young's Haddock and Cod so 4 large portions for £3.00.

Also before I go, I have become interested in the sustainability of our fish, I mentioned this in my review  of the Young's Mackerel Fillets here I stopped eating Cod a while back as its endangered and as I said to Chris, I want my grandchildren to be eating fish and chips and loving it as much as I have.
So please check out where you are buying from and whether the product has been fished responsibly. You can read more about this at Young's Fish for Life campaign here or just google independent info.


Young’s launch Breaded range with new Kingsmill coating

Young’s, the nation’s best loved name in fish, has been supplying great tasting fish to the UK for over 200 years and hope to continue bringing smiles to the dinner table with their new and improved Breaded range, which now uses freshly baked Kingsmill loaves for its deliciously crunchy coating.

Available nationwide from February 7th 2011, the 100% cod and haddock products’ breaded coating perfectly complements the succulent flakes of fish, giving you a tasty, wholesome tea time treat which is also low in saturated fats.

Fish is one of the most natural and healthy foods in the diet, so whether you are choosing your fish for kids, for a family meal or as a quick snack, Young’s new Breaded range will deliver great tasting fish every time.
Nutritionist’s often recommend we consume at least two portions of fish a week to contribute to a healthy and well balanced diet. With the launch of the breaded variants to the Young’s range, being healthy has never been easier and there is sure to be something to suit every appetite.

All the fish in Young’s products is sourced with proper care for seafood sustainability and the marine environment as part of their flagship sustainability programme, Fish for Life.

For over 200 years, Young's has been making great seafood. Building on this superb heritage, Young's today is a world class modern fish company, combining experience with fish sourcing skills, technical ability, an award-winning sustainability approach and above all our love of great tasting fish.

Fish for Life is Young’s flagship sustainability programme. It means you can be sure all Young’s fish is responsibly sourced, regardless of whether it is wild caught or farmed.

For more information on Fish for Life please visit:


  1. I had these once and there was a huge gap between the batter and the fish. I will not be buying them again :(

  2. I like the taste of Young's fish, especially cod in batter

  3. We love fish and chips in our house! these sound lovely must buy some!

  4. We have these ones a lot and love them :)

  5. I really like the beer batter ones, gorgeous!

  6. These are lovely! Yeah Fish Friday today!