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Dealtastic Deal of the Day Omron Walking Style II Pedometer - Black

I love walking, its a hobby we have said we don't walk enough, having a dog gave us the reason to do it more we feel, its one of the best exercises if done briskly. If you are embarking on a health kick this pedometer will be a good way of motivating you to do more of what is lets face it, a basic movement and will tell you how many  calories you are burning so you can eat a chocolate and walk until its disappeared off your calorie intake...clever hey!!

Dealtastic Price £16.49
RRP: £30.00
Massive 45% saving
Shipping £1.99

You'll never walk alone!
This pedometer with its 2-dimensional electronic sensor will measure your steps when attached to your hip, in your pocket or even in your bag. It will track total amount of steps, total distance and the calories you burned during walking and jogging. It's the ideal partner to assist you during a diet. Increase your aerobic steps to improve your well-being.

The Omron Walking style II tracks your personal walking activities. It counts your steps during walking and brisk walking. The device can be used inside the pocket of your trousers, in your handbag or on a lanyard. The Omron Walking style II also counts the burned calories and the distance you have walked. After 10 minutes of walking and jogging at a consistent pace the aerobic mode is activated. This aerobic mode helps you in building your health. Your daily totals are stored in the 7-day memory. The Walking style II has a modern, compact design that fits to the lifestyle of the modern people.


Counts steps
Additional calories burned
Burned fat
7 day memory
Aerobic mode
Distance display
Pocket able
Belt clip

Note: Please allow 4-5 working days for this product to be delivered.

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Closed Win Anatomicals Sleep Masks Review and Giveaway 35 Ends May 15th

I laughed out loud when I saw the latest  Anatomicals Sleep Mask range, realistically and refreshingly marketed and I have so many friends I could buy these as prezzies for.
I received one of the two new real silk sleep masks, the I am Woman Hear Me Snore sleep mask. The reason I laughed out loud was not the name of the mask, amusing as it is, it was the back of the box.
It says

Women don't sweat, they glisten. Women don't fart, they expel odourless and discreet windy pops. Women don't belch and burp in the company of others, they politely excuse themselves and go outside, whereupon they gently hiccup. (Where are we here, the 19th century)? And women definitely don't snore, they... in fact, they do snore. Very loudly as a lot of their male sleeping partners will attest. But ladies, where's the shame in it, when you can now lay down those Richter registering zeds while wearing this incredibly stylish 100% silk sleep mask? Grief what's that smell? It seems women do actually really let rip too, and how. Can someone open a window round here?

The mask itself is a glorious shocking pink that you won't see much of hopefully as when I tried it it blocks out all light and you will be snoring silently and blissfully dreaming!
Come on who am I kidding, I believed that I did not snore, luckily Chris sleeps the sleep of the dead, he has that annoyingly lucky skill of dropping off with in seconds and awakening at the alarm so he has never heard me, but while in hospital a couple of years ago a nice old lay in the opposite bed told me I sounded like a piglet snorting for its mother!! Charming!

Its great if  you are light sensitive and also for those on night shifts too, mums who need to nap while their baby is napping in the day will find this a godsend!

The other mask is fabulous too read all about it below. Then scroll down further as one of you lucky followers will win a set of each of the two masks.


Has the current credit crunch, screaming kids, a beast of a boss and a nagging partner has left you feeling stressed out, less than chirpy and longing for a good night’s sleep?
Join 1000’s of men, women and celebrities (before you scream or fall asleep in your cornflakes) by covering your eyes with the latest bedroom, bathroom or flight buddy from Anatomicals, the company that only wants you for your body.

Devoted to helping you get a good night’s sleep, this silk sleep mask will block the light, so you can get your zeds without being disturbed. So what you waiting for? Get snoozing and wake up feeling re-energised and raring to go.
To win you will have to tell me what in the world has you nodding off and don't forget your contact details a Twitter id or email.
Its a random draw so don't stress if you just want to enter the giveaway by saying "Add me" that's fine too!
You can have a second chance to win by commenting on another review post.


Win One 0f Five NIP+FAB Frown Fix's
The giveaway ends on May 15th
Uk followers only
The winners have a week to contact me to claim the prize and then I will redraw.

Masterchef at Home Review

Well its all over, last night saw Masterchef 2011 Tim Anderson, 26 (the youngest ever winner) take the coveted Masterchef crown. Chris and I were on the edge of our seats and to be honest we had pegged Tim to be the winner but adored Tom Whitaker and Sara Danesin. All three were worthy finalists and all would in our opinion been right.

What am I going to do until the next series??? ....well I have the Masterchef at Home book to keep my passion for the series going a while.
It contains 200 of the best recipes from the 2010 MasterChef collection and is a saisfyingly chunky book. Greg Wallace talks about "standout dishes" in his foreword and you can easily see that these have been chosen.

 I spy Dhruv Baker's Roasted Loin of Venison with spiced confit chestnuts, venison jus and chilli chocolate oil and it transports me back to the last series where not only Chris and I but Conor and Paige were all rooting for him to win. Equally the lovely Dr Tim Kinnaird wows with his dishes and if you get the chance pop to the Good food show where he makes and sells the most divine macaroons.  The celebrity Masterchef finalists, Christine Hamilton Dick Strawbridge etc are also featured in the book.

The photography in the book is clear and make the dishes come to life. By the side of the recipes there are all of the little witticisms from Gregg and John and it adds to the feeling of the book being tied to the show.

Flicking through the book is sectioned into starters, mains and desserts, its also a great book for tips from the masters who judged the winners.

I spot the sharp tongued Monica Galleti who shows you how to prepare the visually stunning and equally sharp French Rack of Lamb. The great Michel Roux shows a recipe for Billy By a classic mussel broth. I find this to be one of the books that I will take to bed to read for the pure love of a good book, some recipe books have it, that food porn, lovely descriprtions and photos that fill your senses easily and this for me is one of them.

If you are a fan of Masterchef or just a lover of good food and would like to be able to make restaurant quality fare then, I heartily recommend this book.

Featuring inspiring recipes from 2010 MasterChef Champion, Dhruv Baker’s Spiced Fish and Chips to Celebrity MasterChef winner, Lisa Faulkner’s Almond Panna Cotta, plus nine complete menus from previous winners, MasterChef At Home will have you itching to get into the kitchen and create your own show-stopping feast.

Monica Galetti’s step-by-step techniques for preparation and cooking, plus MasterTips on creative flavour pairings and using unusual ingredients will extend your culinary skills and help you to create some of the delicious recipes featured on the show. MasterChef At Home is the perfect companion for any budding MasterChef.

*Masterchef At Home is available to download on the iBookstore from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch*

Published 20th January 2011
Price £20.00

Steens Manuka Honey

I am fascinated with the healing power of Manuka Honey, as with most things I review if they have certain claims I want to find out more.

Honey in its normal form has long been used for health, we like many households use it for sore throats and colds.

I read that the Egyptians had it as a prescription for ailments,  Aristotle way back in 384-322 BC mentions pale honey "good as a salve for sore eyes and wounds", but until recently it was just standard honey.
Manuka has become a "buzz" (pardon the pun)  word for curing ailments. 
Its used internally for ulcers, heartburn, upset stomachs etc. Applied externally its been discovered to heal war wounds, operation scars, bed sores and old scarring.

I was sent a jar of Steens Manuka Honey Raw 15+  it looks everyday yet holds these great healing properties inside.

Then when I looked at where it originates I didn't really consider the collection of the honey, well as little more than men in big suits and netted headgear sliding out honeycomb trays while bees flew around.
The Manuka honey comes a long way before it arrives in your cupboard.
Its collected from remote places in New Zealand and if you are worried about the environment  at all, Steens thought about it first too.

They are very careful to ensure they make the least impact possible, adopting an almost Mission Impossible style of dropping their hives in via helicopter close to the Manuka bushes.

They say on the site

"Our philosophy is not “Can we get it?” but “How are we going to get it?” The expedition takes us to some of the most remote and untouched areas of New Zealand ensuring the purity of our honey. 

Where trucks can’t be imagined, helicopters are flown in to carry honey and hives from deep within dense bush and off distant craggy mountain ranges.

Collecting pure Manuka from the untouched wilderness is an immense task. We want to minimize our footprint in our beautiful, native forest. So instead of destroying land using bulldozers and other heavy associated machinery to break our way in, our methods cause minimal disruption to our environment. Our beekeepers work 24 hour shifts to bring the harvest home. It’s beyond challenging."

Before I leave you to read the fascinating information on the pot of honey I received to try, I better tell you about the  taste, its a distinctive sweet strong honey, its gorgeous,  no scars or wounds to try it on. Its good for your complexion I believe.

 I feel a little cheeky spreading it on hot buttered toast, but hey the people at Steens worked so hard to get this to my table, I was not going to wait for a sore throat or upset tummy after all that hard graft. Its too scrumptious.

Good Honey. Good Health.

The feel-good factor is hard to find these days so wouldn’t it be amazing to find a natural product that offered health and well being for yourself and your family?
Now thanks to Steens newly launched range of high active Manuka honey you can enjoy all these benefits in one little pot. Described as nature’s perfect super food, it contains nearly every known nutrient required for a balanced diet.

Manuka honey, sourced from bees that feed on the Manuka Bush native only to New Zealand, is versatile enough to be used for everything from good digestion to healing skin conditions and boosting your immune system. What’s more it tastes delicious and can be eaten as an everyday honey.

Manuka honey is famous for its health giving properties and impressive antibacterial elements but not all Manuka honey is the same. Steens raw Manuka honey is the original manuka honey – just as nature intended – unlike other Manuka honeys, which may be reheated, highly processed and denatured. Steens is so special because it is single-source and is loaded with pollen because much of the natural pollens the bees collect are retained during the unique extraction process.

There is no honey more pure than straight from the comb, so Steens created a unique extraction process that delivers honeycomb in a pot. Steens Manuka honey is collected from the most remote and untouched areas of native New Zealand and harvested and packaged at hive temperature, ensuring the purity and quality of the honey.

There is a totally transparency about the antibacterial quality of Steens Manuka honey with each batch tested by an independent laboratory to determine its unique antibacterial levels.

Steens Manuka honey can be used to treat everything from scrapes and wounds to disease and digestive issues. It is great for the overall health and well-being, including boosting a lustrous and immaculate complexion.

Manuka honey is rated according to its bio active properties; the more antibacterial the higher the rating (e.g. a Raw 15+ has more antibacterial properties than a Raw 5+).

Steens Manuka Honey (in Raw 5+, Raw 10+ and Raw 15+) is available in Waitrose stores nationwide from 28 March in 340g jars, priced from £8.50.

The Steens Difference

Further information about the company and production policies

Steens believe that natural, raw Manuka honey can be produced ethically without compromising the flavours, textures, colours or goodness. During harvest hive temperatures are replicated for the entire process – from extraction and transportation to testing and bottling. Less heat means no nasty by-products and retention of all of the honeys natural goodness. Steens Manuka honey is unprocessed, unpasteurised, unheated and from a single source.
Steens Manuka honey is independently tested for its antibacterial properties by the best industry method available. This process is approved by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and tests the efficacy of Steens production to the highest industry standards.

Unique track and tracer system - Hive Tracker

In-house track and trace system (Hive Tracker), delivered via global satellite positioning, gives Steens a capability that is a world first. Hive Tracker enables extensive monitoring of bee-hives, honey sites, hive components, field activities, disease monitoring, inventory control, genetics and weather conditions.
Every piece of equipment has an individual barcode and each bee-keeper has a hand-held scanner that retrieves information which is then synchronise back to head-office daily, where the information is analysed and interpreted. Steens use Hive Tracker to continually inspire its business and better its systems.

Dealtastic Deal of the Day Integral 16GB Orange Neon USB Flash Drive + FREE gift Worth £10!

We have lots of these USB drives in all shapes and sizes, they are invaluable. I have blog ones, photos ones, Paige and Conor have music and photos sticks too. I always try to get a cheap USB stick when I see a bargain and today here is one from Dealtastic

That's right, order today and get a FREE gift!

Carry your data in style with the Integral USB Neon Drive. With a massive 16gb of storage and bright fluorescent casing so you'll never lose it, this is the only flash drive you'll ever need
Store video's, photo's, music and film's on this massive storage device.

Dealtastic Price: £14.99

RRP £29.99
Massive 50% Saving!
Shipping £1.99

The USB Flash Drive can be personalised with a designated company identifying name or number. This will allow a Network Administrator to block access to unrecognised USBs for security purposes, whilst allowing the Integral USB Flash Drive to function as the ‘official’ company drive.

What's more if you buy TODAY we'll chuck in a FREE GIFT worth up to £10! Magic!

12,000 Photo's
15,000 MP3's
30 hours of Video

USB Flash Drive
Stylish fluorescent casing
16gb strorage
Unique ID (optional)

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Youngs Chip Shop Fish Fillets Review

Its the nations favourite and as a treat we like to go to a fish and chip shop. Paige and I  love Haddock and chips, Chris, and Conor opt for Cod, but its no longer a meal we consider weekly, the cost alone makes it a rarer treat.
However Young's fish is often in our freezer, its fresh tasting, the fish succulent and the batter crispy and tasty.

I make homemade chips, no longer deep fried but made in the Tefal Actifry. So along with Young's low in saturated fat's batter this is not only tasty but a healthier portion of fish and chips. They now make the batter using Kingsmill breadcrumbs and it gives it a natural crispy crumb, we all loved it. Really light and the crunch is satisfying and the crumb so tasty it had me using my chips to collect every last crumb.

I also like the size of the fish portions they fill up two growing teens a hard working hubby and a small but hungry me.

My favourite white fish is haddock, I like the meatier texture, we were sent Young's Cod to review and I have not eaten it for ages and was surprised to find I loved it as much and had forgotten quite how good it tastes. they are lovely sized portions. 

I have bought more already and if you are quick, until the 2nd May Tesco have a saving of 94p on both the Young's Haddock and Cod so 4 large portions for £3.00.

Also before I go, I have become interested in the sustainability of our fish, I mentioned this in my review  of the Young's Mackerel Fillets here I stopped eating Cod a while back as its endangered and as I said to Chris, I want my grandchildren to be eating fish and chips and loving it as much as I have.
So please check out where you are buying from and whether the product has been fished responsibly. You can read more about this at Young's Fish for Life campaign here or just google independent info.


Young’s launch Breaded range with new Kingsmill coating

Young’s, the nation’s best loved name in fish, has been supplying great tasting fish to the UK for over 200 years and hope to continue bringing smiles to the dinner table with their new and improved Breaded range, which now uses freshly baked Kingsmill loaves for its deliciously crunchy coating.

Available nationwide from February 7th 2011, the 100% cod and haddock products’ breaded coating perfectly complements the succulent flakes of fish, giving you a tasty, wholesome tea time treat which is also low in saturated fats.

Fish is one of the most natural and healthy foods in the diet, so whether you are choosing your fish for kids, for a family meal or as a quick snack, Young’s new Breaded range will deliver great tasting fish every time.
Nutritionist’s often recommend we consume at least two portions of fish a week to contribute to a healthy and well balanced diet. With the launch of the breaded variants to the Young’s range, being healthy has never been easier and there is sure to be something to suit every appetite.

All the fish in Young’s products is sourced with proper care for seafood sustainability and the marine environment as part of their flagship sustainability programme, Fish for Life.

For over 200 years, Young's has been making great seafood. Building on this superb heritage, Young's today is a world class modern fish company, combining experience with fish sourcing skills, technical ability, an award-winning sustainability approach and above all our love of great tasting fish.

Fish for Life is Young’s flagship sustainability programme. It means you can be sure all Young’s fish is responsibly sourced, regardless of whether it is wild caught or farmed.

For more information on Fish for Life please visit:

Jaxx Crunches Review

I was sent the Jaxx Mouthy Chocolate to review said to be an exciting new chocolate brand set to pack a punch with the ‘tween-teen’ market, after a three month trial and comprehensive research into the sector and audience.
With two teens in the house it was coming to the right place. Whilst neither of my teens are mouthy, they are as opinionated as their mother so I left it to them to give their take on the new "chocolate with attitude"

 They loved the, as Paige described them pouch type bags, she said they looked squidgy and would scrunch down nicely in her bag for school. They look more appealing than most bags of chocolate.

They both agreed they are incredibly crunchy, Paige said the taste was a little too plain for her, but she liked the crunch and they were worth eating. Conor loved them. He said it was a soft bite into a hard crunch and that was pretty alright. He liked the taste he said it reminding him a little of Rich Tea biscuits as these are a preferred biscuit, it was not surprising he liked the flavour.

As for the chocolate here the divide between my two was more apparent. Paige said the chocolate was not quite chocolatey enough. She said it was a little plain not as in dark, I believe she meant bland.
Conor and her poles apart again, he described it as creamy, it made the biscuit inside seem more crunchy as it was soft and smooth. He loved all three flavours but said the milk-chocolate crunches were the best.

Well that was the verdict from the aimed for market.

For the older mouthy generations, I was a punk for a while, I'll have you know!! 

I loved them particularly  the orange version. I found the chocolate to have a lovely creamy chocolate taste and also a good cocoa aftertaste, as a whole snack they are not too sweet which appealed to me. I loved the size of the crunches, they are large and satisfying. They reminded me of giant Poppets and the taste is not dissimilar.

However   Chris said he could take or leave and would  leave them if anything else was available, he said they did not really have enough going for them as a new confection, so there you have it was a  50/50 split down our family.

Let me know what you and yours think? You can even try them for free.
Seen a funny clip? Got a funny clip of your own? Send it here to Jaxx  and if they use it they'll give you a mention, as well as some lovely Paxx of Jaxx...

Jaxx Mouthy Chocolate has launched Jaxx Crunches, made with the richest cocoa, a layer of white covered by a layer of rich milk chocolate and a surprise crunchy centre.

The new product is the brainchild of confectionery specialist Yehudi Lipman who held senior EMEA positions with Bestfoods, Unilever and Nestle for over two decades. After analysing the consumption habits of the 10-18 age range, the concept of Jaxx was developed, Yehudi explains:

“The market told us they wanted chocolate with attitude, something that was new and that really connected with this ‘early teen’ target audience. So we’ve developed Jaxx from the ground up. An incredibly moreish chocolate confectionery product that talks a different brand language from the competition. The impact has been immediate and quite astonishing with thousands of supporters embracing our social media platforms and directly engaging with and becoming ambassadors for the brand.”

A groundswell of support has been generated by the audience, with Facebook being the location of choice for discussion and debate. Alongside this a website,, has been custom-built and is working well to engage and interact via competitions, games and ‘webisodes’ (fun and relevant videos and mini documentaries uploaded by the audience). To date, the Facebook page has received 10,500 Likes – a remarkable feat in just three months.

Jaxx Crunchie Chocolates are available in more than 3,000 stores throughout the UK and Ireland including Londis, Budgens, Scotmid and Martin McColl – and distribution is growing fast.

The product is available in three tasty variants – milk-chocolate crunches, orange-chocolate crunches, a double-chocolate coco crunches – and delivers excellent value for money with larger 50g snack packs as opposed to the typical 35g.
To find out more about Jaxx Mouthy Chocolate and Jaxx Crunches, visit:, Facebook: Jaxx Mouthy Chocolate.
Try them for 69p

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A'kin Hair Care Ylang Ylang Natural Shampoo

As you will have read maybe just before this post I am a lucky blogger indeed as I have been chosen as  a regular reviewer for mypure  I pounced on the shampoos as I explained before we have combination hair in the family, there are usually three shampoo bottles and two conditioners in the house, I have just had my hair highlighted for my holiday last week, so after trialling the A'Kin Hair Care Lemongrass for oily hair (read the review here), I needed to swap to one for my new colour.

I have been using the A'kin Ylang Ylang shampoo formulated for coloured hair. The shampoo range is formulated to work differently from most other shampoos. A'Kin say
"The sophisticated combinations of cleansers leave your hair feeling beautiful and extra clean, whilst retaining the essential natural oils and moisture.
Many others use harsh sulfate and ethoxylate cleansing agents which excessively strip the hair of its own moisture and then re-surface the hair shaft with synthetic chemical coating agents in an effort to replace lost shine and body. All shampoos are hypo-allergenic matching the skins natural pH. They are mild as possible on the skin and eyes and also extremely economical"
I read the info for the colour treated specific shampoo and it contains coconut glutamate specifically for colour maintenance, this reassured me as I always use a shampoo for coloured hair as usual shampoos dull the colour very quickly.

Two weeks on, my colour is radiant and my hair is shiny, moist and in great condition. Added to this the fabulous aroma of herbs, coconut and ylang ylang flowers its a very nice experience. If you want to get away from harsh chemicals but are worrying that natural products have not got the "bottle" I can reassure you my blonder moments will be nice and shiny for a while based on the last 10 washes.

225 ml costs £10.49

A'kin Hair Care Lemongrass Natural Shampoo

I feel quite honoured to have recently been selected as a beauty blogger for mypure recently. So now every month I'll get the chance to review and feature a whole range of gorgeous and eco-friendly beauty products. I wanted to start with something that features heavily in bathroom discussions in our house. Shampoo. Its the one product that we have different variants of.
Chris has dry hair, Conor, Paige and I have oily hair and on top of this I had my hair coloured 10 days ago, so for that reason I reviewed this A'Kin Hair Care Shampoo Lemongrass first. Read the review here

First before I let you know my opinions I would like to add what I found about mypure

mypure was founded by Simon Golding and started out in a small cabin at the end of the garden in 2004. More people have joined and they soon outgrew the cabin beginnings.

Their new home is a converted chicken shed on an old farm in Kent they all continue to be inspired by natural beauty products and the latest developments in natural ingredients.

The basic principle behind mypure is that cosmetics, toiletries and home cleaning products made from natural & organic ingredients are easier on our bodies and less likely to cause problems like allergic reactions and skin sensitivity. Products made from natural ingredients are less polluting during manufacture and they biodegrade quickly after use. Great for you, even better for earth. . . Of course, it goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway, NONE of the products stocked at mypure have been tested on animals.

I like the ethics so will I like the A'kin Hair Care Lemongrass Natural Shampoo ? I already (much to Chris's disgust as he hates the smell) use a natural product for my greasy roots.... vinegar, if I have a particularly greasy outbreak, I do a rinse in vinegar and then a mild sluice with a conditioner to rid the smell. So for Chris's nose and to be honest mine I need a pleasant scented product that does  the job.

What is most irritating now is shampoo for oily scalps are like hens teeth, non existent in the supermarket.

There are formulas for dry, aging, permed, straight, coloured and normal, yet none of the greasy range anymore. I find this odd as its a common hair type. 
So this lovely find was very welcome and I am sad to say almost finished as the three oily heads swooped on it.

It comes in a dark dark green bottle, and has a lovely gold edged cream label.
Its slender and flat and nice to hold when I was reaching blindly for it after wetting my hair. Opens easily with a pop up dispenser and the first thing that I always do is sniff the contents. Now for me this gets me in the mood, I love washing my hair, good job really as I do it every other morning, so the scent has to be pleasurable.

The A'Kin  is an intense herbal lemony zing to the nostril. It instantly makes the last few sleepy cells of my brain come to life.
I find I do have to add more product than I usually would as the lather is just not there (its sulphate free) and for that reason I was concerned that I would rub too much and as anybody with oily roots knows rubbing causes more oil.

The scent continues to fill my senses and its such a feeling of a spa session, that I have looked forward to each wash.  It has dealt with my oily hair well and lasted for the same amount time as any other oily hair shampoo used to. It definitely works more thoroughly and noticeably on the oil than a normal or fine/flyaway shampoo.
The lemongrass must do a similar degrease as it does on dishes and similar to the vinegar yet it contains coconut which is usually seen on formulas for dry hair.
I have noticed my hair is soft all the way to the ends, this is a feature often missing in oily root shampoo, as it has ingredients to dry the oil, unfortunately it dries out the mid lengths and ends. Happily the A'Kin balanced out nicely.
Paige and Conor have particularly greasy roots and I am trying to talk them into washing less than daily as I am sure this is making the oil production greater. The A'Kin is working on Paige, she is leaving her hair some days, Conor remains unconvinced.
Overall I am delighted with the shampoo and will happily recommend to anybody with oily roots and scalp.
The A'kin Hair Care Lemongrass shampoo is £10.49 for 225 ml.

Young's Chip Shop Mackerel

Young's Chip Shop Mackerel hits supermarket shelves and we were sent some to try. I am ashamed to say I have been slow to adapt to fish,  strange when any fish I eat I adore. 

I buy and cook the usual fare, haddock cod, tuna (tinned) smoked mackerel but for years that's  been the lot!

I know its really good for me and I have been aware that supplies of the popular fish are dwindling. I changed to haddock from cod at the chippy and from the freezer for this reason. Although joy of joys Young's Chip Shop Cod and haddock are part of the Fish For Life campaign, I was lucky enough to receive some of the Cod and you can read my review here

I have learnt that Young's Mackerel fillets are a great new way to enjoy Chip Shop and support the fight to sustain stocks. The great British Mackerel is a delicious fish and is high in beneficial Omega 3 oils. What’s more it’s in plentiful supply and is fished in a controlled and sustainable way
I was not sure whether I would like it I have never eaten unsmoked mackerel and I am so pleased I am a reviewer as I got this opportunity to try a fish I would possibly have passed over for haddock in batter.

I loved it, I realise its frozen fillets but the freshness was evident. I loved the taste and the texture, Youngs top the fishy treat with a light bubbly batter that has a faint beery taste and it matches the fish so well. A good lemon mayo and a portion of chpshop chips to accompany. I would actually love to see this served in fish and chip shops as a more sustainable alternative too.

On the pack it states its a limited edition but if you love it too you can vote to keep it on the Young's range. I cannot wait to see what they will bring out next!
The introduction of Young's Chip Shop Mackerel was inspired by the Fish Fight programmes shown on Channel 4 in January. The programmes highlighted Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Mackerel Mission to encourage more people to try sustainable mackerel at Fish and Chip shops.

Young's Chip Shop Mackerel will bring even more diversity to Chip Shop, which already uses a lot of alternative white fish such as Alaska pollock and basa, as well as offering traditional cod and haddock.

As with all Young's fish, this mackerel is sourced according to the rigorous criteria of Fish for Life, Findus Group's programme for responsible fish procurement. In addition, the mackerel for Chip Shop – sourced from a longstanding Scottish supplier to Young's - is certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard.

As the UK's leading fish brand, Young's has long supported the use of a wider variety of fish. Diversification can help to reduce the supply pressure on more popular species - as well as helping people find out just what a fantastic and flexible food fish really is.



If you've enjoyed these Limited Edition Mackerel fillets, vote now to keep them in our Chip Shop range permanently.

To join our Mackerel Mission, register your vote at:

Or write to us at:

Keep Mackerel, PO Box 51, Grimsby, DN31 3TJ.

You can also suggest your other favourite fish for our next Chip Shop Limited Edition.
There is a vast array of delicious fish, and by eating a greater variety of it we will help to preserve our more vulnerable species.

Young‟s Chip Shop Mackerel arrived on the supermarket shelves 14 March 2011, thanks to the support of two major supermarkets. Tesco and Morrison‟s who will be stocking the product across 650 stores nationwide.

Dealtastic Deal of the Day Skross World Travel Adaptor 2 with Dual USB Charger

I am loving posting these Dealtastic deals, I've been so amazed by the incredible bargains firstly and also that so many of the last months deals have been useful gadgets or better deals for me personally. take todays, I am off to the Florida Keys this year, I was lucky enough to win flights to Miami so just have to find accomodation. I am new to the travelling lark apart from family visits to Ireland and a trip to Paris, so I am busy stocking up on travel accessories.

I only won two flights so hubby and I are on our first holiday alone together, in fact first for us ever and also first away from Paige and Conor, naturally we want to stay in touch with them and Dealtastics offer is perfect for that. It is a Travel Adaptor with USB Charger, its also a dual adaptor, so great for two mobiles, satnav and laptop. I feel more confident about keeping in touch and happiest with the amazing price for that contact!

Skross World Travel Adaptor 2 with Dual USB Charger

The Ultimate Travel Gadget

This great World Travel Adapter is the safest way to plug in your portable devices around the world. Charge up to 2 USB devices such as mobiles, mp3 players and sat navs at the same time.

Dealtastic Price: £14.49
RRP £34.99
  Massive 59% Saving!
Shipping £1.99

The SKROSS World Travel Adapter 2 is suitable for use with most 2-pole plugs of protection class II. It is the safest way to plug in your portable, non-grounded devices around the world. It can be used with a range of devices, including: MP3 players, digital cameras, mobile phones, GPSs, PDAs, travel speakers, etc.

Designed & engineered in Switzerland
Get connected in over 150 countries worldwide
Compact design
Power rating at 220 V - 1300 W / 110 V - 650 W
Extra compartment for spare fuses

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Kitchen Stools Direct Winner

The competition has now ended, the comments have been checked to make sure all conditions were met. My thanks to all the entrants, some lovely tweet choices of stools and my thanks goes to Kitchen Stools Direct for the prize.

So a big Given to Distracting Others congratulations to the lucky winner of the £100 to spend on a stool of their choice is......

cathyj aka @_cathyj_

Well done I just need your email