Friday, 4 March 2011

Martha Hill Skincare Review from Beauty Naturals

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I am going to take you on a little history of a woman called Martha Hill who may be familiar to you for making natural beauty products. Sadly I could not  find any pictures.

Her factory was not too far from me in on the road into Leicester, she also died in her 80's in Corby about 30 miles away from my home.

 She strikes a chord with me, I found  as a truly fascinating person when I looked her up , she was a real true life woman of substance.

I would love to see a story of her life in film she decided at 23 she wanted a factory and through the next decades achieved this and much more. 

She did a few firsts for working women too, a childcare facility on site for her workers, can you believe a hair salon too on the site.

She drove a Red Cross Ambulance in the war while working a 10 hour day, was the first and only woman to serve on the War Effort Comittee in Leicester and in her sixties way before Anita Roddick started the Body Shop was selling natural  beauty care products, untested on animals.

She ran her own shops factory and even farming which is where she developed her herbal goodies from old country recipes in the 1950's. 
I have hardly touched on all she did an amazing lady.
Hers was the first company provide products via mail order and if she had lived longer I think we would have seen her put her range on the Internet first too.

As it goes  Beauty Naturals sell the products online inspired by their late Grandmother and asked me to review some of her range still made the same as they were years ago.

Everyday Conditioning Hand Cream
This rapidly absorbed, wax based cream is perfect for use throughout the day and will not leave your hands feeling oily or sticky. Enriched with chamomile and calendula to soothe minor irritations and beeswax to help protect from daily damage and maintain smooth, supple skin.
Free from parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and colour.
100ml tube - £7.50

This is as described above non greasy or sticky, it is sitting beside me and I have been applying as I blog for a few days and also after cleaning and washing my hands.
 Its light, I can rub a little in and am able to type away without clogging the keys. It instantly hydrates my hands and leaves then comforted after washing up. I am so happy with its feel and benefits.

Gardener’s Rescue Cream

Not just for keen gardeners, but anyone who enjoys an outdoor life, sports enthusiasts or keen walkers will benefit from this extra special rescue
cream. The beeswax base is rich in skin soothing oils and herbal extracts including castor oil and sweet almond to penetrate and soften, wheatgerm oil to help maintain supple skin and soothing witch hazel to calm chapped and irritated skin. Suitable for both face and hands to help prevent wind burn and damage from the elements.
Free from parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and colour.

100ml tube - £9.50

This is the cream that cannot be beaten so far for real protection.

 I am terrible for gardening without gloves, I like to feel the earth and what I am doing with a plant, when weeding I have to grab it with my bare hands hence throughout spring and often into summer, I have chipped nails and dry hands.
Chris buys me gloves every spring and I start my tasks in the garden wearing them but before long they are abandoned as I tackle splitting a plant or potting up a basket.

We have had a few glimpses of Spring here, so I have been in the garden tidying and clearing a little, the Gardeners Rescue Cream is a blessing after.

 It soothes straight away and just melts into my hands easily. Its heavier than the Everyday Hand cream but acts as well. I do prefer its effects on my hands it seems to soften and visibly smoothe them too. Plus I can pick up my mug of tea and no slippery feel as I am holding it.

Foot Treatment Cream

This extra rich, nourishing cream will help to penetrate and soften hard, cracked skin. The nourishing beeswax base is enriched with castor and sesame oil to soften and moisturise, witch hazel soothes and calms sore skin and tea tree helps prevent minor infections and deodorises.
 Free from parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and colour.
100ml tube - £8.50

Chris and I have both been trying this, its a lovely scent quite menthol and lemony. It  feels cooling, that must be the tea tree oil.
It softens my heels and feels lovely all over my foot and ankle. Like the other two hand lotions its absorbs easily and so you can totter out of the bathroom without fear of doing a bad Dancing on Ice impression. 

I am very impressed with the range and I imagine Beauty Naturals are proud they are stocking a real  "beauty" too. Martha Hill strikes me as a person who cared about the detail in all she did and it does show in the skincare creams I have tried so far.


  1. Woe, she sounds like an amazing women! Well done yo her grandiose for carrying on her work!

  2. Loved the bit of history about the founder, and the products sound great. Will keep an eye out for them. Am now following your blog, I have no idea why I wasn't before! :O)

  3. Elaine Livingstone13 March 2011 at 17:14

    interseting post