Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Loyd Grossman Classic and Fiery Chilli range

 It only takes 10 minutes to cook a delicious complete meal with these sauces and I adored both varieties, I only cook my own chilli and its an authentic recipe so we were all preparing to be disappointed.

I was sent the Classic and Fiery sauces and may I just praise Loyd Grossman sauces again for making a family sized jar, its so good not to have two jars cluttering up a shelf and risk not needing all of a second jar and wasting some.

I decided to follow the tip on the jar of Fiery sauce and bake it in tortillas and cheese, they were called Quesadillas, but I know this dish as  Enchiladas.

I do always add my own twist to a jar of sauce either an extra ingredient or a way of cooking.
As you have seen from the blog I'm a keen cook and feel I'm cheating a bit if I just throw a jar of sauce on mince and cook.
I added mixed peppers to the sauce and followed the method, I reserved some sauce for the baked dish, it looks pretty and gives the cheese a nice base to melt into.
It is very simple just brown mince and add sauce and cook for 10 minutes.
I then added the mixture to a tortilla rolled each one up and laid in a rectangle dish. I spread the remaining sauce over the rolls and sprinkled with  amix of cheese I had laying around the fridge, Lancashire, Red Leicester, a bit of Mozarella and the last remnants of Parmesan.
As you can see it looked fab and eased my need to cook from scratch but was simplicity itself.
 The chilli is indeed fiery, certainly not for the faint hearted, it is absolutely flavour filled, a deep intense chilli taste, we adore heat. Paige and Conor did rush for glasses of milk. Chris deemed it amazing for a jar he eats the hottest of curries but he reached for more sour cream too!!
I found the enchiladas were gorgeous. my blurred image below shows the centre of one and they did not last long.
The classic jar is lovely, a rich tomato sauce and still a lovely heat,  me being less suspicious of the sauces being good, I made it as per the jar instructions. It was lovely, very natural tasting, will never be as  good as my own, but for a rushed evening perfectly tasty and the family love it.
Loyd Grossman is making his first venture into Mexican cuisine with the launch of a range of Chilli con Carne sauces. Loyd’s brand new sauces are a great way to enjoy Mexican food, with a unique blend of quality ingredients that can create a delicious dinner in just 20 minutes.
Loyd has developed two sauces that are full of flavour; Classic and Fiery, making it simple to create a dish everyone will enjoy.

The combination of ingredients is unique to this range and has been specially chosen by Loyd, inspired by his travels to Mexico. The use of ale and lime in both products plus habanero chillies to give the Fiery version a real kick, create a delicious flavour sensation and the texture of a Chilli sauce made from scratch.

The ale has been used to give the Chilli sauce a delicious rich, deep flavour and the habanero chillies bring the authentic flavours of Mexico.

Whether it’s a Classic or Fiery Chilli you’re after simply cook mince until browned, add the sauce and simmer for 10 minutes.

Chilli has long been a family favourite and is one of the most popular dishes in the UK. A versatile meal, it tastes great whether served with rice, jacket potatoes, burritos or fajitas. The sauces are available in two different sizes so there’s one to cater to households of all sizes,

Loyd comments ‘Mexican cooking is becoming increasingly popular and it’s a great cuisine for sharing. I wanted to create a range that allows busy people a quick and simple yet delicious way to make Mexican cooking a more regular feature in their cooking repertoire. The Chilli range brings together tasty ingredients which you can enjoy with friends and family’
A 350g jar is priced at £1.79 and serves 2 people / a 660g family-sized jar is priced at £2.49 and serves 4

Sauces are available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Coop and various convenience stores


  1. i love loyd grossman sauces - will definately be trying these. Your enchiladas look excellent x

  2. Your enchilades look mouth wateringly good! I often make them but usually I buy the El Pacos kit. I think I am going to do it your way next time though!

    One thing I have noticed since having my children is I cannot eat spicy food like I used too. Years ago I would have made meals like home-made chilli-con carne and bought the 'hot-mix' or extra chillis to add to it. These days I find myself buying the mild versions and not adding any chillis. I have also gone off chinese curries which I also used to enjoy??? maybe it's just me but I did have cravings of cherry tomatoes (I new liked tomatoes before falling pregnant!) with my boys and then lemon flavours and sour tasting foods for the girls!!! (anything from lemon cheese cake-lemon meringue pie-lemon curd-lemon fondant fancies!!!)....Amazing how our tastes can change along with our hormones lol!!!

  3. i have tried these, lovely!! they are full of flavour and go with almost every meat!

  4. Quite fancy giving these a go.

  5. I love mexican food, not sure is i would go for the firey option though would probably make me cry

  6. The classic nearly blew my head off and there were not enough beans and I also found the sauce sour! Sorry-not for me!