Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hotel Chocolat 'Name our bouncing Easter Baby'

Hotel Chocolat need your help, they have a cute new addition to their Easter Egg family, awww so cute.

But as with all new  events the new arrival needs a cracking name (no pun intended!) and that's where you come in.

They need your suggestions and these will not go unrewarded, for your troubles you could win a 'Be Pampered Chocolate Hamper' worth £75!!
Its brimming with goodies.

Plus there are 10 goody bags for runners up. How eggcellent is that? Sorry I will stop with the  yolks.. I mean jokes.

OK just go here and give it your eggspert opinion!! 

Royal Wedding Fever - Feel Like A Queen With LUSH!

I love these dabbles into the glorious themes and events  with Lush, how they tie in their products with a day, they treated us to a lemon and sugar feature for Shrove Tuesday and kindly sent me a Sweet lips sugar scrub and Lemony Flutter that's been great not only on my cuticles but on my hands and feet too. You can read my review Lush products 

For William and Kates  Royal Wedding beauty buys Lush have gone all romantic and suggest a few products that suit the celebration.
They again sent me a product from the suggestions to try for myself and I never fail to be impressed with their quality.
As you may recall I think of roses as an old fashioned scent but the Imogen Rose scent stick I was sent banishes those old memories away. This is the perfume that you actually smell when you bend to a rose in a garden, its a lovely summery scent and I think a perfect choice to imagine wedding bouquets.

I have my eye on the Soft Coeur massage bar sounds divine and perfect for a romantic encounter with a new bridegroom, or even a husband of a few years like mine....see you soon!!

With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, what better time to pamper yourself and feel just as beautiful as any queen or indeed bride-to-be with these gorgeous products from Lush...

Feel Like A Queen...

Lush's Crème Anglais (£25.00 for 250g) is the epitome of a luxury body cream. Made with some of the finest ingredients available, moisturising natural shea and cocoa butters are blended into an almond infusion with extra virgin coconut oil, saffron - the world's most expensive spice - sweet orange oil and myrrh, creating an exquisitely scented and lavish cream. Apply after bathing and in just one stroke, you too will truly feel like a queen.

Be An English Rose...

Imogen Rose (£42.00 for 27g bottle/£20.00 for 10g spritzer/£10.00 for solid perfume) is a beautifully elegant fragrance made using 100% pure rose oil and fresh notes of garden basil. With tonka and rose absolute to produce warm middle notes and sweet amber with vetivert, orris and ambrette seed to provide a warm, floral finish, Imogen Rose is a romantic and one of a kind perfume - perfect for all those English Roses out there.

For Honeymooners...

Soft Coeur massage bar (£4.30) is the perfect treat for newly wed couples in the 'honeymoon' phase and for those who want to re-ignite faded passions. Treat your loved one to a romantic massage with this honey and chocolate heart shaped bar. Containing shea and cocoa butters to moisturise, when warmed on the skin Soft Coeur melts into a decadent chocolate centre, revealing a gorgeously sweet treat.

And For Men Who Want To Feel Like A Prince...

Prince (£4.99 for 100g/£8.95 for 225g) is the ultimate in shaving creams. For men who want to feel like Royalty this light shaving cream is made with cocoa and shea butters for ultra moisturisation and beeswax to help get rid of dirt for a smoother shave. Scented with orange blossom, rose, smoky vetivert and luxurious neroli, in just one shave his face will be left soft, smooth and ready to face his public.

To pick up these and many more ethical, cruelty free cosmetics, visit Lush stores nationwide. For shop details and mail order contact 01202 668 545 or online at

Dealtastic Lloyds Pharmacy Allergy Ionising Air Purifier

Dealtastic bring todays bargain hunters welcome relief from springtime sniffles. I know that as soon as the forsythia starts to bloom, my son and daughter start to sneeze. Then as the season turns warmer, the grass pollens kick in, silver birch and goodness knows which other plant pollens get to their poor eyes, noses and throats.

I bought one of these Air Purifiers years ago and paid way more than I care to remember but this Lloyds Pharmacy model is a good quality but  cheap Air Purifier and there's a Special Early Bird Discount!

GET 20% OFF!
NOW £6.39
Protects against pet allergies and hayfever!
Pollution gets everywhere - even in the home. Tobacco smoke, pet fur and house dust mites pollute the air we breathe. There is no escape by opening the windows as the fresh air we breathe can contain the same irritants as well as traffic fumes, tree and flower pollen. The Air Purifier improves air quality by reducing pollutants and allergy triggers that can cause asthma and allergy attacks.

Dealtastic Price: £6.39
 RRP £19.99
Massive 68% Saving!

Shipping: £1.99

Suffer from hay fever? Have annoying pet allergies? Just want to breathe some fresh? The Ionising Air Purifier has an air filter to help remove impurities and ionisers which help reduce the irritants in the air.
One of the most common forms of allergy that affects almost 12 million people in the UK is hayfever of seasonal rhinitis; these symptoms are caused by the body's reaction to allergens. When the body comes in to contact with allergens (e.g. pollen, Dust, Pet hair) it produces increased amounts of antibodies which cause certain cells to release histamine. It's the histamine that triggers the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and or hay fever.

You can't put a price on your health, but we have. This great air purifier, a must have summer product is only £7.99!


Creates a healthier living environment Improves air quality and so helps to reduce asthma and allergies

Helps reduce pollutants such as tobacco smoke and dust

Helps to remove allergy causing particles and so helps to reduce allergies to pollen, pet fur and house dust mites

Ideal for use at home in the lounge, kitchen or bedroom

Suitable for most room sizes (up to 200 square feet)

Package contents
Ionising Air Purifier with fitted plug
User Manual

(This is a sponsored post)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Loyd Grossman Classic and Fiery Chilli range

 It only takes 10 minutes to cook a delicious complete meal with these sauces and I adored both varieties, I only cook my own chilli and its an authentic recipe so we were all preparing to be disappointed.

I was sent the Classic and Fiery sauces and may I just praise Loyd Grossman sauces again for making a family sized jar, its so good not to have two jars cluttering up a shelf and risk not needing all of a second jar and wasting some.

I decided to follow the tip on the jar of Fiery sauce and bake it in tortillas and cheese, they were called Quesadillas, but I know this dish as  Enchiladas.

I do always add my own twist to a jar of sauce either an extra ingredient or a way of cooking.
As you have seen from the blog I'm a keen cook and feel I'm cheating a bit if I just throw a jar of sauce on mince and cook.
I added mixed peppers to the sauce and followed the method, I reserved some sauce for the baked dish, it looks pretty and gives the cheese a nice base to melt into.
It is very simple just brown mince and add sauce and cook for 10 minutes.
I then added the mixture to a tortilla rolled each one up and laid in a rectangle dish. I spread the remaining sauce over the rolls and sprinkled with  amix of cheese I had laying around the fridge, Lancashire, Red Leicester, a bit of Mozarella and the last remnants of Parmesan.
As you can see it looked fab and eased my need to cook from scratch but was simplicity itself.
 The chilli is indeed fiery, certainly not for the faint hearted, it is absolutely flavour filled, a deep intense chilli taste, we adore heat. Paige and Conor did rush for glasses of milk. Chris deemed it amazing for a jar he eats the hottest of curries but he reached for more sour cream too!!
I found the enchiladas were gorgeous. my blurred image below shows the centre of one and they did not last long.
The classic jar is lovely, a rich tomato sauce and still a lovely heat,  me being less suspicious of the sauces being good, I made it as per the jar instructions. It was lovely, very natural tasting, will never be as  good as my own, but for a rushed evening perfectly tasty and the family love it.
Loyd Grossman is making his first venture into Mexican cuisine with the launch of a range of Chilli con Carne sauces. Loyd’s brand new sauces are a great way to enjoy Mexican food, with a unique blend of quality ingredients that can create a delicious dinner in just 20 minutes.
Loyd has developed two sauces that are full of flavour; Classic and Fiery, making it simple to create a dish everyone will enjoy.

The combination of ingredients is unique to this range and has been specially chosen by Loyd, inspired by his travels to Mexico. The use of ale and lime in both products plus habanero chillies to give the Fiery version a real kick, create a delicious flavour sensation and the texture of a Chilli sauce made from scratch.

The ale has been used to give the Chilli sauce a delicious rich, deep flavour and the habanero chillies bring the authentic flavours of Mexico.

Whether it’s a Classic or Fiery Chilli you’re after simply cook mince until browned, add the sauce and simmer for 10 minutes.

Chilli has long been a family favourite and is one of the most popular dishes in the UK. A versatile meal, it tastes great whether served with rice, jacket potatoes, burritos or fajitas. The sauces are available in two different sizes so there’s one to cater to households of all sizes,

Loyd comments ‘Mexican cooking is becoming increasingly popular and it’s a great cuisine for sharing. I wanted to create a range that allows busy people a quick and simple yet delicious way to make Mexican cooking a more regular feature in their cooking repertoire. The Chilli range brings together tasty ingredients which you can enjoy with friends and family’
A 350g jar is priced at £1.79 and serves 2 people / a 660g family-sized jar is priced at £2.49 and serves 4

Sauces are available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Coop and various convenience stores

Beauty Naturals Martha Hill Gift Set Winners

I have really enjoyed running the giveaway for you to win Martha Hill Gardener Gift Packs.  I'm so glad I asked for favourite flowers and tips for gardening as there were some great ones. English Cottage garden flowers seemed high on peoples lists.
The tips were handy for me, some great ones to refer to, getting somebody else to do the garden was a funny popular choice.
Well now's the time to announce the winners with special thanks to Beauty Naturals for the generous prizes.

If you are not one of the lucky ones, Beauty Naturals are offering a Spring Discount on the site  £3 off orders over £25 / £6 off orders over £45 (automatically deducted from your shopping basket) The range is really extensive, many natural products from bathing to skincare.

There are still some fab giveaways to be won on my blog, so keep entering, you never know!!

WIN! Gorgeous Miffy sleepwear! Ends 12/04
Win Vegetable Cookbooks Ends 10/04

2 X Moon Dough Bunnies playsets

So onto the main reason for this post

They are
nigel71 @Nigel711
marchez50 @Boo1003
kiki_725 @kiki_725

Please send  your details to my email address you have a week to claim, then a new winner gets chosen (email under About Me)

Well done!


Armand Beasley, top makeup artist for Sheer Cover® comments, "For busy mums on the go, it’s important that they look and feel the best they possibly can. It doesn't have to take an hour and you don't have to look like a supermodel! You only need 10mins to get up and glow!"
With a full range of sheer, natural, mineral makeup ideal for day or evening looks, Sheer Cover® products boast healthy formulas that can be worn all day long without feeling cakey. Worn by Hollywood beauties, Sheer Cover® gives a flawless finish in photos, and flatters skin of all ages. Easy to apply and long-lasting, Sheer Cover® makes nailing the perfect School-Run look a breeze.

How to get the natural look in 10 minutes
 If you only have ten minutes for your makeup, save time by nailing skincare so foundation goes on smoothly!

1) Use a mineral primer that won’t clog pores to make your makeup last all day – essential for mums on the go.
2) Next step is to apply a mineral base foundation which gives SPF and  absorbs oil; the Sheer Cover travel brush is genius! Use quick swirling motions starting at the nose and moving outwards toward the jaw.
3) Use a creamy concealer where needed tapping with your ring finger
4) Apply mascara on top & bottom lashes; good mascara means you can go without eyeshadow.
5) Swipe on a bright cheery shade of lipgloss
6) Apply some pinky blusher on the apples of the cheeks; it’s essential to have a glow with minimal makeup.

2) Desert-Island makeup – if you could only have 1 item?

It would have to be sunscreen. But my #2 would be multi-purpos lip/eye/cheek
palette like the Sheer Cover ones!

How to cover under-eye bags
1. Use two shades for puffiness; a slightly darker shade for the puffy area and a lighter shade of concealer in the shadow area. The Sheer Cover concealer is ideal for this as it comes with two tones.
2. Tap using your finger to blend – use your ring finger as it has the lightest touch. Your eye area is 40% thinner skin to it’s important to be gentle.
3. Don’t forget to apply concealer on the eyelid which is often forgotten so the entire eye area is the same colour
4. Use powder over-top if you have oily eyes to make sure the concealer lasts all day. A mineral powder will protect the delicate eye area from sun damage

How to cover up age/sun spots or pregnancy discolouration?

1. Use a layered approach with concealer under and over powder & foundation
2. Use a concealer brush to ensure a flawless finish
3. Use a lightly lighter shade of concealer than you normally would to compensate for the discolouration
4. Ensure you use SPF at all times to prevent further damage

For mums on the go, what are the best long-lasting, day –to – night makeup tips?

1. Update your lip for quick & easy updates. Bright fuscia and orange are the best colours for this season and we saw them on all the LFW runways. A natural gloss is normally best for day while a bright statement lip can dress up any outfit.
2. A subtle shimmer under the cheekbones takes seconds to swipe on, but really helps to emphasize your bone structure.

 For lots of mums, it’s been a while since they’ve practiced applying glam makeup – what are some simple tips for party makeup?

1. Liner is essential to define the eye when you dress up. Use a dark shade inside the eye and along the lash line on the top.
2. The top should always be more prominent than the bottom to give a feline look and draw the eye upwards which is anti-ageing
3. Rest your hand against your cheek-bone for stability and aim the angle of the brush at the outside corner of your eyebrow
4. A strong eyebrow is very anti-ageing and is essential for evening looks if you have a fair skintone
5. Mimic 50’s retro looks to be current for this year – lots of smokey eyes!

What are the key Anti-ageing makeup tricks?

1. Use a Light –reflecting concealer on the in inner & outer corners of the eye as dark circles are ageing
2. Use white eyeliner around the lips to make them appear fuller – follow with a bright lip gloss
3. A touch of highlighter on the cheekbones for a dewy, youthful look as age loses luminosity with age
4. When applying blusher – it’s more youthful on the apples of the cheek which makes the face look fuller as opposed to on the cheekbone which will make the face appear more angular. As our faces age we lose fat and fullness – so makeup can compensate for this.
5. Avoid anything too powdery around the eye area which amplifies crows feet – a creamy concealer is best and a primer helps prevent powder settling into creases.

 What is a great gift to help any mum feel beautiful on Mothers day?

1. A set of palettes with a variety of lip colours, will suit all skintones and can easily fit into a handbag.
2. Mums tend to hoarde makeup – give her a reason to ditch the old makeup bag and brushes by giving her a beautiful new makeup kit - anything that can be wiped down is great. The Sheer Cover makeup bag is great as it zips up and is a chic patent.
3. Good brushes can make all the difference to a makeup look and are quite expensive if bought individually so try to buy as part of a set.

 How to transition your regime from winter to summer

1. Your complexion will change, so invest in a bronzing powder or a deeper foundation than normal. Use warmer tones for eyeshadow and lips to complement summer skin.
2. It looks great to have more of a glow in summer; use a rosy blusher and touch of highlighter. Apply bronzer just beneath the cheekbone, and blusher on the apple of your cheek to emphasize bone structure.
3. The biggest change from winter to summer looks is that lips change from deep colours with lots of wine tones to brighter pinks and oranges instead of matt reds.
4. The textures are much glossier for spring / summer so load on the sparkle!

What trends from LFW will work well for everyday women
1. Colour! Bold stripes of colour were on the runway – try wearing bold eyeshadow without blending for an on-trend look. It’s a more architectural look.
2. Block tones on the lips. Strong and angular looks that mirror colour blocking in fashion
3. Have fun! The gold-leaf seen on Vivienne Westwood can carry through in a smaller way to gold tones etc.

If you or your mum is in need of a makeover
log on to
to enter the ultimate mothers’ day competition.

To purchase Sheer Cover® visit
  start from £29.99 
RRPs for the full range


Yummy Mummy Pressure Comes From School Gates, Not Celebs

 Emma Forbes
  • 50% of mums feel pressure to look good from other mums versus only 10% from celebrities
  •  1/3 of mums spend less than 5 minutes in the morning doing their makeup compared to 1/5 of non-mums
  • 40% of mums felt better about themselves before children
  • 1 in 10 mums have avoided social situations because they are unhappy with their appearance
  • Only 2% of women selected their mums as their beauty role models
A new survey commissioned by Sheer Cover® mineral makeup polling women across the UK shows that the majority of mums are feeling pretty depressed about their appearance. So much so that over 40% of mums agree to feeling more confident and attractive before they had children, and 1 in 10 admit to avoiding social situations due to a lack of confidence in their appearance. It’s no surprise however when you consider that motherhood results in a 50% decrease in pamper time according to the mums surveyed.

More surprising is the fact that 56% agreed that friends and other mums made them feel self-conscious while only 10% of respondents felt pressure from celebrity mums despite the likes of red-carpet beauties such Gisele Bundchen and Danni Minogue flaunting flawless figures and fresh-faces weeks after giving birth. Even more reason for mums to make that little extra added effort each morning before approaching the school gates!

When questioned about other sources of inspiration however, one startling find was that only 2% of women name their own mothers as their top beauty role model. One mum who bucks the trend and hopes to inspire her own daughter in years to come is red-carpet veteran, beauty enthusiast and Sheer Cover® brand ambassador Emma Forbes who comments: “My mum was always an amazing beauty role model who enjoyed dressing up and passing along all her trade secrets. I’ve always enjoyed makeup and it makes me feel more confident; I hope my children benefit from seeing me take care of myself.”

Armand Beasley, top makeup artist for Sheer Cover® comments, "For busy mums on the go, it’s important that they look and feel the best they possibly can. It doesn't have to take an hour and you don't have to look like a supermodel! You only need 10mins to get up and glow!"

With a full range of sheer, natural, mineral makeup ideal for day or evening looks, Sheer Cover® products boast healthy formulas that can be worn all day long without feeling cakey. Worn by Hollywood beauties, Sheer Cover® gives a flawless finish in photos, and flatters skin of all ages. Easy to apply and long-lasting, Sheer Cover® makes nailing the perfect School-Run look a breeze.

If you or your mum is in need of a makeover – log on to to enter the ultimate mothers’ day competition.

For Armand Beasley’s Top Ten Quick Makeup Tips for Mums see here

Closed Win £100 to spend at Kitchen Stools Direct Giveaway 31 Ends April 22nd

Kitchen Stools Direct is a great site for all manner of fab and trendy stools, their main focus is selling you the broadest range of high quality kitchen and bar stools at the best prices in the UK.

Looking through the site I can agree they do indeed have high quality and totally cool stools. Just look at this spectacular stool.

Kitchen Stools Direct have teamed up with Given To Distracting Others to give you the chance of winning £100 to spend on their stools, you can pick up a stool from £46 and there are a fab range for under £100 so something for everybody.

Read carefully because to get this fab prize you are going to have to choose a stool  and tweet me your fave!!! That's It simples!!
Read more below

If you don't tweet you can also blog, so even for those compers who started a blogger just to enter comps you can make a first post to snaffle a marvellous prize, all you need is a title (EG:  I love this stool!) and a link and maybe a few words why you like it.

If you tweet and blog you can do both and are going to be happy as you get 3 entries!!!

If I was lucky enough to win the £100 my choice would be the Crescent Kitchen Stool I like it in red although you can get it in 5 different colours, you can choose from red, blue, black, white and silver
The Crescent's large round seats would provide a secure perch for my ample derriere  Great for watching  Chris get my glass of wine in the evening, maybe even  dinner hehe!!
It has an adjustable gas lift swivel system, foot rest and plenty of support for the lower back with their comfortable back rest.

So onto the rules

They are causing a bit of problems so please let me know and I will  try and help with copying tweets etc.

To win one of Kitchen Stools Direct products
1. Post a tweet mentioning and linking to your favorite Kitchen Stools Direct product  (use to shorten link to fave stool so it fits in Twitter)

 TWITTER EXAMPLE: I love the ____your fave and link here___  and I want to win £100, details here #GTDO
Then post the url to your comp in a comment here

2. Write a blog post doing the same (mentioning your favorite Kitchen Stools Direct product)

Each person can have three entries in the contest.

A tweet counts as one entry, a blog post counts a two entries.

How to copy your tweet from Twitter to here
Once you have tweeted look at the time of tweet underneath to the left of favourite  it will after a moment say now, or 8 seconds then longer.

Click on that and it will take you to a page with just your tweet on.
Copy the address (url) it will start!/, then paste here!

Shout me on Twitter if you get stuck.

The winner will be chosen randomly and the competition is only open to UK residents

The participants will need to leave a comment on my blog sharing with  link to their tweet or blog post 0r both so I can find them.

Dealtastic 18 Tulips + Free Beeches Flower Chocolates

Now here the fab deal today from Dealtastic and absolutely perfect for Mothers day.
 Tulips conjure up spring, just waiting for mine to have buds in the garden, they are one of the traditional bouquets for Mum, but the Dealtastic tulips are a little bit special as they get delivered with free choccies too.

I think I would be a happy Mummy opening the door to this gift!!

For the first hour all you early birds who order get a very tidy 20% off  the already fabulous price...... now that is Dealtastic!!

What else could a Mum ask for on Mothers Day!

18 Wonderfully fresh seasonal tulips in shades of white, purple and blush pink plus a FREE gorgeous box of Beeches flower chocolates - the perfect gift for the perfect mum this Mother's Day. Please note, this offer finishes at midnight tonight! Orders placed before this time are guaranteed to be delivered in time for Mothers Day by courier!

Dealtastic Price:
17.99 GBP
RRP:39.99 GBP
Save a MASSIVE: 55%

(This is a sponsored post)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tesco Pampering Treats for Mothers day

Dreamy Bathing Roses in heart shaped box, £2

Now I know that for Mums who are busy the best thing about Mothers day is the chance to be pampered and my Mothers Day is always cool as my family treat me for the whole weekend.

Chris will take Paige and Conor off to our Tesco Xtra to buy a leg of lamb, my favourite,  they will be buying wine, choccies flowers and this week I received some fab early treats from Tesco's themselves so I am in for a lovely few pamper sessions before the weekend.

These treats are part of the gorgeous gift range for us Mums and I just wanted to share a few with you, the prices are fab for a  childs pocket, maybe with a little help from Dad or Grandad. Hassle free gifts too, as you can pop them into your trolley while doing your usual grocey shop!

Be sure to make your Mum feel extra special on Sunday 3rd April.

The Dreamy Bathing Roses are almost too pretty to drop in the bath, I cannot believ the £2 price tag and if you pop them in with your towels they give a lovely scent.
Raspberry and Pomegranate Whipped Body Butter 200ml, £3
This is a massive tub and such good value, the cream is light absorbs well and the fruity sweet smell just gives a lovely yummy smell to your skin.

Raspberry and Pomegranate Sensuous Bath and Shower Crème 500ml, £2
This is a fab pampering soak, again its sweet and fruity. It has a lovely foam and is creamy on the skin.

Raspberry and Pomegranate Indulgent Treats set
Contains Sensuous Bath and Shower Gel 50ml, Smoothing Body Scrub 50ml and Whipped Body Butter 50ml, £3
A perfect gift for your Mum it has a small version of the shower gel and the cream, along with a fruity scrub to smooth your skin, it really worked well on my feet and the whipped body butter was a perfect finish.
Mother's Day gifts will be available in Tesco's stores nationwide and online from this weekend.

Telephone 0800 50 55 55 

Tilda Sundried Tomato Mothers Day Recipe

Spoil Mum this Mother’s Day with the perfect dinner

It’s time to celebrate Mothers everywhere; today is the day to spoil yours. Why not show her how much you love her by cooking a delicious homemade paella using Tilda’s Sundried Tomato flavour rice from its tasty Steamed Basmati range.

With our steamed basmati range you can cook your Mum a tasty, quick and simple dish. The Tilda Steamed Basmati range does not just help Mums one day of the year – they are a helping hand throughout, offering mid-week meal solutions.

The Tilda steamed basmati range comes in 15 different varieties. Why not try this simple supper recipe.

I am definitely going to try this one, in fact sounds so easy Paige has even said she would like to cook it for a Mothers day Lunch, now I just need to get Conor to do dessert, Chris to pour the wine and I am sorted!

Sundried Tomato Paella

For a tasty Spanish dish, start by frying 3 diced chicken thighs in some olive oil with a chopped onion and a little smoked paprika. When the chicken is golden, pour on 100ml white wine, 150ml chicken stock and a sprig of rosemary.

Stir in the Tilda Sundried Tomato steamed rice with 100g prawns and a handful of frozen peas and let it bubble away for a few minutes. When all the liquid is absorbed and the rice has a thick coating of sauce it is ready to serve with a lemon wedge.

Serve on a tray with a bunch of flowers to brighten up your Mother’s day!

Check out the website, for more mouth-watering recipe suggestions.

Tilda Steamed Basmati rices are available in all good supermarkets RRP £1.69.

Disclosure I did not receive any incentive to post this recipe.