Monday, 28 February 2011

Sacla Sun Dried Tomato + Recipe

Sacla’ describe this version of their classic pesto as ‘mellow but intense. A sauce that boasts Ligurian basil, Italian sun-dried tomatoes, grana padano cheese and crushed pine kernels.’ I’d describe it as ‘yummy’ and ‘moreish’, but then as a huge pesto fan, I probably would! If you fancy giving it a whirl and trying out the recipe below, let me know and I will speed a sample across to you.

I was keen to try this as I am not overly familiar with sun dried tomatoes but as you will know from reading my blog I have reviewed plenty of Sacla'. If you have not you are missing so much flavour and versatility of recipes.
Paige's staple packed lunch is Sacla' basil pesto, we always have a jar in the cupboard great on jacket potatoes mixed with cheese on toast, spread with cream cheese inside a chicken fillet, wrapped in pancetta and baked.
Thanks to my review blog we have recently added the fiery tomato sauce, Risotto sauces and the gorgeous Dallaglio by Sacla' range to our store cupboard staples.

They use only the finest of fresh ingredients, They recreate mainly traditional Italian recipes, and we ensure that all our products are made in Italy. Now run by the second and third generations of the Ercole family, Sacla' remains a growing company, seventy years on. I

And, did you know….a few interesting facts about sun-dried tomatoes:

It takes 8 kilos/20 pounds of fresh tomatoes to make one pound of sun-­dried tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which may help protect against diseases such as cancer and heart disease

One medium sun­-dried tomato can provide 40% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C

A diet rich in tomato-­based foods has been linked to a decreased risk of prostate cancer

Sun-­dried tomatoes are low in fat, calories & sodium, and free from saturated fat & cholesterol

Sun-­dried tomatoes are high in vitamin A and a good source of potassium

Fusilli with Sacla’ Sun-dried Tomato Pesto & Crispy Pancetta


450g fusilli
75g frozen petits pois
70g thinly sliced pancetta
300ml crème fraîche
4 rounded tblsp Sacla' Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
1 heaped tblsp roughly chopped Italian parsley
Salt & freshly ground black pepper


Put a large pan of salted water on to boil for the pasta and cook the fusilli according to the pack instructions, throwing the peas in for the last couple of minutes.

Dice and fry the pancetta in a pan until really crispy. Then remove from the pan and leave to drain on kitchen paper to remove any excess oil.

Then, to make the sauce, combine the crème frâiche and pesto in a small pan and gently heat through for a few moments, stirring to mix well. Add 4 tablespoons of water and season, stir again until hot.

Drain the pasta and peas in a colander. Transfer to a warm serving dish, stir the sauce through the pasta, scatter over the pancetta and parsley and serve straightaway for a super speedy supper.


  1. Will need to give that a go, eat quite a bit of Pasta but not tied it with pesto (somehow!)

  2. The recipe sounds great, definitely one to try! I've never used sundried tomatoes before, except sundried tomato puree.

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  4. looks nice with the pasta - love pesto!

  5. That recipe sounds really good, especially with the crispy pancetta :)