Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Philips goLITE BLU Energy SAD Light

I am a Bzz agent and recived a Philips goLite Blu Energy to trial. I am one of those people who gets lower in mood and energy levels as soon as its winter. I think we all do, I have always wanted to try the SAD lights to see if I I would get the boost I have heard they give.
 Independent clinical research shows that the blue light from the summer sky causes us to be active and energetic and lifts our mood. Basically, summer sun means summer fun. But what about feeling good the rest of the year?

With the Philips goLITE BLU energy light, you can experience the benefits of natural summer light year round. Designed to help increase your energy level naturally and fight winter blues and jet lag, using the goLITE energy light for as little as 15 to 45 minutes a day naturally improves your mood and energy level when you need it most.

And since it's small and compact and operates on a rechargeable battery, you can use the goLITE energy light practically anywhere, from the office to your home, from business travel to holiday getaways, wherever it suits you best.

I started using it at 50% intensity for 15 minutes, you do need to persevere as its not a quick cure, then you up the intensity and time. I have been on and off with this I must admit as had a bereavement and have been too wrapped up in that and feeling sad anyway so not sure if the test would help.
But after a regular session I can say I am feeling much more oomph than before despite feeling a family loss. My energy has much improved. i find I am not slumped on the sofa asleep at 9pm and up in the morning actually feeling ready for the day, perky and mellow.

Its currently selling on Amazon for £164.98 which may seem a hefty price, but if you really feel down or depressed I imagine its a small price to pay.

I am aiming to use this much more now I have felt small changes as I imagine proper sessions are going to have a good impact.
Available online at, and (search for "HF3330")


  1. This Sounds amazing! I could use one of these, I practically hibernate during the winter!

  2. i would benifit from this aswell i think :)...

  3. Wow! I REALLY need one of these. All my work colleagues think I suffer from SAD & I think they're right! It's rather pricey though...



  4. wow! would certainly brighten up a dull winters day!