Friday, 25 February 2011

Nelsons Arnicare® arnica bath & massage.

This Arnicare Bath and massage is a very welcome addition to my bathroom, when it comes to bath v shower, I am Team Bath, if I have had a tiring day or if I just want half an hour chill out off I go, cup of tea, glass of wine, book, candles and  music. So when Nelson's kindly offered me a sample to try of course I said yes.
I poured two capfuls under the hot tap and instantly got a lovely fragrance, lavender and I think lemon ahhh bliss. My passion for lemon seems to be appearing in so may posts at the moment. I caught a sweet flowery scent which I imagine is the evening primrose?

I sank gratefully down and chilled............................ and chilled........... oops where was I?

Its a lovely product and I recommend it yet to try it as a massage oil but I know it will be lovely!

Mothering Sunday a chance to unwind with NEW Nelsons Arnicare® arnica bath & massage.

Mothering Sunday is a day that you'll want to treat your mum to something special. It’s a chance to express just how much she means to you and to thank her for all the wonderful things she has done. As it's no secret that being a mum is a full-time, full on job why not treat her to some peace and quiet.

Nelsons Arnicare recently carried out a survey to reveal the hardest part of mum’s day and discovered that 23% of mums with children under 12 find getting their children to school on time as the toughest part of their day. While a further 18% of the mums rated housework as their challenge, so this Mothering Sunday give your mum a gift that looks fantastic and offers them some time out to relax and escape the daily chores.

Nelsons Arnicare arnica bath & massage is a unique dual purpose balm that can be added to the bath to create a luxurious bath or massaged directly onto the skin. Light a candle for her, lay out a towel and leave her for 30 minutes of peace in the bathroom. Just two caps in the bath can help to melt away tension and relax her mind. The invaluable natural properties of Arnica Montana contained in Nelsons Arnicare bath & massage will help soothe and relax her after a tiring day while Calendula, Evening Primrose and Sweet Almond Oil naturally hydrate and nourish her skin.

Nelsons Arnicare arnica bath & massage costs £8.15 and is available from Boots.

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