Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chambord Review

There are perfect moments to my reviewing and the joy of finding a new food, drink or product.
Trying Chambord was one of the perfect moments.
I am not really a pink girly type of female, but I feel this drink call to my love of pretty baubles and trinkets.
The bottle is so cute very French and I loved the heart shaped crown.

According to legend, in 1685 King Louis XIV visited Château Chambord, where he enjoyed a marvelous liqueur made from wild raspberries. This liqueur inspired the spirit that today is known as Chambord Liqueur Royale de France
I think the drink is ideal for a loved one on Valentines and if you add it to champagne for your lady you will be adored, I tried Cava and its gorgeous.

Chambord and Champagne

Nothing says romance like a glass of Champagne, but adding Chambord and a raspberry will make it even more special.

Glass: Champagne Flute


10ml Chambord


1 x raspberry


Pour a splash (10ml) of Chambord into a champagne flute top with your favourite champagne and add a succulent raspberry for decoration
Maybe even dessert

Chambord® and Ice Cream
2 scoops Ice Cream
90 g - 120 g Chambord Liqueur
Add two scoops of ice cream to a bowl
 and pour three to 90 -120 g of Chambord over the top.


  1. Oh wow, this look gorgeous! Love the bottle, so different.

  2. liking the idea of it with icecream yummy

  3. i love chambord - looks fab with the ice cream!