Monday, 7 February 2011

British Onion gravy

In these cold winter months traditional dishes like sausage and mash or a roast are just the thing to keep you warm, but they wouldn’t be complete without onion gravy, the perfect finishing touch. Everyone has different ideas about how to achieve the perfect gravy

British Onions invited me to share my recipe for the best ever British Onion gravy and I am happy to accept,

I do have a two stage gravy recipe as I use vegetable stock that is usually from the veggies made for the  Sunday Roast. So I keep any water that was used to cook the potatoes, carrots, peas, you get the idea. I freeze  for when I make my sausage and mash or Yorkshire puddings in the week.
I also use onions as a trivet for the Sunday joint or chicken these help keep the meat oil free and also add flavour to the meat. The onions they can be red or white, become very baked and flavoured by the meat too, these I retain for my onion gravies too.

I use Bisto gravy powder and follow the instructions but using 425 ml of my saved vegetable water. I add a dessertspoon of Worcestershire sauce and half a teaspoon of mustard (I use Colman's Mustard it is in my opinion the only one to use).

In a heavy pan  I add my roasted onions to a  tablespoon of heated oil and one tablespoon of flour and stir over a medium heat for a minute. then add gravy mix a little at a time stirring rapidly, I use a silicon whisk. I then turn down very low, it has a lovely advantage as the onions are already cooked so no need to cook for ages, 5 minutes is plenty.

I do strain the onions sometimes as I like the flavour without the texture.
Oh and you need really good sausages, the best you can buy.
Fab just as a supper on Yorkshire puddings too.

British Onions asked around and found that two thirds of people feel gravy is an essential part of their winter menu, and it’s such an important part of our meals that half of those surveyed think disappointing gravy can ruin a plate of food.

I really suggest it shouldn't and does not have to be that way, having a look around the net, there are so many recipes all seem to have that 'must have' secret ingredient, some swear by Marmite, ketchup, stock cubes. But really easy to follow for some of them.

You can try my onion gravy recipe but I am sure a few of you have a fab and maybe better recipe too. Tell me your recipe now.


  1. Please could you pop round ours and just rustle that up on Valentines Day - I think my wife would be in heaven!!


  2. I cook the onions on the hob, in a covered pan, with a knob of butter and a couple of tablespoonfuls of water and on the very, VERY lowest heat possible. It takes them a good hour to get so soft they are melting. Then I stir in a tablespoonful of sugar and whack the heat up so they caramelise. Then a tablespoonful of balsamic vinegar to enrich the flavour and balance the sweetness of the sugar. If you want the gravy thickened, stir in a little flour at this point, before adding enough stock to give you the thickness of gravy you want.

  3. Lovely recipe I will give that a try I use basalmic vinegar as I have added sugar before but it was a little sweet wiyh my recipe.
    I have it in now, so for a change I will try that.