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Bosch Multifunction Tool PMF 10,8 Li

The must-have multifunction tool for your tool box
Bosch launches oscillating multifunction tool with lithium ion battery
Effortless handling with soft-grip technology
Always ready for use due to long-lasting lithium ion battery
Innovative “Eco Electronic” energy-saving technology for long battery runtime.

The Bosch Multitool came into our home at exactly the right time. We had a problem with our heating and it meant a drain of the system which due to problems had to be done via the kitchen radiator.
Days later, Conor sat revising for exams and shouted that there was a wet patch under the table. Upon further investigation we discovered it was more than a patch, think slow running stream, worse it was seeping through the skirting board straight under the wall into the lounge and nicely soaking  my textured rustic oak  flooring.
Its been a complete nightmare trying to contain the wet and realising that as more and more boards have rippled and warped up, we have had to face replacing the whole floor.  I was most happy to discover I could still get the same flooring though.

The Bosch Multitool has helped within days of arriving and Chris and myself are impressed with the precision, the power and mostly the battery time.
 It has meant being able to whip through the job of laying the floor all over again with ease.
The saw action is so accurate and a clean cut was made on all the floor panels and the result is a perfect finish.

For me I love it, as its light to use, easy to hold as it cuts or sands, it does the work and makes me look like a professional.

I am not afraid of it being so heavy,  that when I go to use it it runs off all over the wall, or makes the edge of my board all skewiff as I am cutting.

 Has anybody seen the film overboard where Goldie Hawn's character Joanna/Annie tries to cut wood with the chainsaw. All of a sudden, it takes off with her cutting through the washing line,  a bale of hay and she is a gibbering wreck at the end.
I have done similar damage to a wall with a heavy duty drill and since then I grab the drill, feel the weight first and usually pass it straight back to Chris.

Another bonus is the space saving qualities as it replaces many other tools.
I can see this being used lots and replaced immediately when it get too old for use. In conclusion we are very impressed Bosch.

The Bosch Multifunction Tool PMF 10,8 Li is a brand new oscillating tool with a lithium-ion battery designed specifically for DIYers. This versatile tool enables the user to quickly and effortlessly saw, sand, cut or scrape.

The Bosch PMF 10,8 Li can be used for all sorts of DIY tasks including special plunge saw cuts in kitchen worktops, flush cutting of door frames, parquet, copper pipes, protruding nails or screws. The ergonomics of the multifunction tool which has particularly small grip circumference and a large softgrip area makes work easier giving you a constant secure grip on the tool – even when working in tight spaces.

The Bosch PMF 10,8 Li gets its energy from the lithium-ion battery which has hardly any self-discharge and can be recharged at any time because they do not suffer from memory effect. The tool is therefore always ready for use, even if it has not been used for many months.

Bosch has developed the “Eco Electronic” energy-saving technology to provide a long battery runtime. If the battery charge reaches a lower limit, the charge level indicator informs the user that it is necessary to recharge the battery. During short breaks, the replaceable battery can be charged again and again in the charger.

There are many suitable accessories available for the PMF 10,8 Li. Bosch supplies the tool with a delta sander attachment with six sanding sheets, a segment saw blade for wood and metal and a plunge-cutting saw blade for wood with an imprinted depth scale (0 to 35 millimeters).

The delta sander attachment enables the Bosch PMF 10,8 LI to perform sanding work on smaller surfaces or in corners. The triangular sanding plate with lightly rounded edges enables clean sanding, even at edges and in corners. Convenience is provided by the Velcro-type fastening for quick changing of the sanding sheets.

The segment saw blade with depressed center is suitable for cuts – also close to edges – in wood, plastic, plaster, and metals. It also saws through harder materials such as metal strips or curtain rails. The scaled plunge-cutting saw blade is available for plunge cuts.

The innovative multifunction tool allows the DIYer to control the oscillation speed by means of variable speed preselection, which allows for material-specific working.


The new motor with a power output of nearly 200 watts provides high power for all applications. The attachments for each application are quick to fit: undo the universal screw, replace the attachment, and retighten the universal screw.

The Bosch PMF 10,8 Li will be available at retail outlets from October 2010 onwards. The recommended retail price including carrying case and accessories is £129.99 VAT.

Specifications Bosch PMF 10,8 Li

Power output 194 W

Battery voltage/capacity 10.8 V/1.3 Ah

Charge time 1 h

Oscillation rate 5,000 to 20,000 opm

Weight 900 g

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