Wednesday, 22 December 2010

e-cloth Kitchen Pack

I think these are in some ways more "Wow factor" than any gadget I rave about for the household. Its because each time I use one, I am bowled over by the fact they clean up all on their own.

From any normal cleaning task, kitchen worktops, fridge and table, to a hob thats been Chrissed ( Our term for when Chris does a roast dinner) It looks like a kitchen of wild animals or the gremlins were let loose with grease, gravy and stuffing.
I had the original cloth and love them, rave about them to friends and family and really did not think muck improvement needed apart from some tougher baked on food occasionally was needing a squirt of cleaning spray.

Actually I had a job resisting the urge to get out a spray when I first used an e-cloth. They simply clean up and whats more clean up so well.  I learned in an earlier review that cleaning products kill the friendly bacteria and so I am happier to go one step further and not use even a friendly cleaner.
It shines, my glass, kitchen mirror I can use it dry on my rustic pine table which means I will have saved money on wax now. It cleans my cooker and any tougher bits now get shifted by the scourer corner of the cloth no need to reach for any cleaner at all.

The washing up  pad is great for the dishes, cleans off all manner of food, even tackles porridge well. It has a scoure part too on the reverse and this helps with the pans that are a little more baked on, I still get surprised by it when there is a heavily caked lasagne dish and I do not have to reach for a metal scourer.

Chemical free kitchen cleaning that removes over 99% of bacteria

Kitchens can be one of the hardest places in the home to keep clean. Bacteria lingering from raw meat and sticky fingers can leave surfaces smeared, while boiled-over pans make a mess of the hob. Because of this people reach for chemicals to clean, but for a chemical free clean all you need is water and an e-cloth to remove bacteria, dirt and grease from around the kitchen and banish all those hidden nasties.

e-cloth has improved its best selling and award winning Kitchen Pack, which contains 2 cloths. The Kitchen Cloth now includes a non-scratch, scouring corner to help remove stubborn and tougher dirt left behind on kitchen surfaces. Simply dampen the cloth with water and run it over your kitchen surfaces to clean. Use the scouring corner pocket on those tougher bits of grime that can build up around the oven and work surfaces. For shiny surfaces, finish with the Glass & Polishing Cloth, to leave appliances, glass and worktops sparkling.

Washing up is a haven for dirt and grime. e-cloth’s NEW dual sided Washing-Up Pad cuts out the need for any other sponges or brushes. The yellow side is made of the clever e-cloth fibres that clean by breaking up and trapping grease, dirt and bacteria, which other sponges can leave behind. The non-scratch, scrubbing side can then be used on tougher food residue on crockery, cutlery and plates. Washing up has never been easier!


  1. Lucy @pied_wagtail23 December 2010 at 21:20

    hmmm i am the only person who isn't convinced by e-cloths?? one of my clients insists i use them in her house. all well & good but e-cloths will not stop black mould forming in your bathroom and it takes alot of elbow grease to get marks off glass & stainless steel. I like to try and be green but when it comes to cleaning i'm sticking with my sprays & polishes!

  2. Hi Lucy I am convinced by them for most cleaning.
    Mould is a toughie for any cloth or spray. I have a teeny patch in a corner of two tiles and I cannot find anything to remove it, any tips?

    I love the e-cloths as it cuts out the need for sprays for everyday muck and dirt.
    Have to disagree on shining ability, I find them better on glass. I did only use newspaper before, so I was already doing the green bit.

  3. Jo, regular neat bleach on an old toothbrush usually does the trick for mould.
    Lucy, for larger areas, anti-mould solution should work adequately. Failing that, try redecorating with anti-mould paint. Lucy, if it takes you a lot of elbow grease to get marks off glass and stainless steel, can I suggest that you clean more often?! E-cloths DEFINITELY do work.

  4. Thanks I will try that, I was told lemon juice and it did not shift it. Its on the sealant so tricky as it seems to be ingrained in.

  5. The thing that annoys me the most is cleaning our tv, no matter what I use I seem to get smears on it, I have tried e-cloths and they work better than other stuff but even they leave smears sometimes

  6. Mixed reviews but I think anything is worth a try.

  7. I use them for some things but I find that they are just not suitable for some things :)