Monday, 29 November 2010

Grace Coconut Water Start Your New Year with Celebs’ Favourite Water

I have drunk this a few times, I consider myself luck to have Jamaican family and friends and coconut is a staple ingredient in many main course, dessert and drink.
From rice and peas to curry, it lends a fantastic taste.
You may have used coconut milk in cooking,  creamed coconut or even fresh, but I want to tell you about coconut water. This one is made by Grace who have spent nearly 100 years in making and distributing Caribbean food and drink.

Its a refreshing water, and it is not to be mistaken with the milky creamy coconut liquid.
It is a cloudy liquid and when you pour it it seems a little strange looking, but when you taste it its incredibly sweet, the coconut taste is superb.
Its extremely refreshing and best in my opinion served very cold.
I have been buying for years on my Caribbean stall in our city, but I have seen it in Tesco's in the ethnic foods aisles.

It may been seen as a ‘new’ drink, but coconut water has been enjoyed for years in tropical climates such as Jamaica, the Far East and Brazil, and Grace Foods – established in 1922 – is surprised it hasn’t caught on before. Nyree Chambers, Marketing Manager at Grace Foods, comments: “Coconut water isn’t a new product to Grace, but we’ve noticed its popularity increase dramatically since the summer when celebrities began to talk about its benefits.

“Not only is it a delicious drink – it has so many health benefits it’s fantastic. It’s also stiff competition against sports drinks as it re-hydrates faster than energy drinks and is fat free – so it’s great for gym bunnies that need to cool down quickly but don’t want to replace the calories they’ve just burnt off."


So what’s the secret to coconut water? Well, it’s packed full of natural electrolytes – it actually balance matches the level in human blood - including potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorous.


These minerals are vital for muscle movements, nerve transmission and brain operation to name a few. The water – which comes from young green coconuts – also boasts thirst quenching properties, is rich in vitamin C, combats fatigue and can act as an aid to slimming as it reduces fluid retention.

Priced from just 74p for a 330ml can, it’s a New Year must for anyone wanting to lose those festive pounds.

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  1. i love anything coconut so i am sure i would love this!

  2. I've never tried it - will look out for it as it does sound refreshing and a nice non-alcoholic drink.