Thursday, 21 October 2010

VTech Storio Review

Now when looking for this years present I am going to suggest VTech its always going to be a hit.
I seriously adore VTech, I know, I know its for the children but they just do cool gadgets so well and yes they are toys but also do still fit the "gadgets" category too.

Now when Paige had her first phone, not a mobile, her toy phone it was a VTech and I remember saying to Chris it was more stylish than my very plain mobile. It was fun and feature filled.
VTech just do children's versions of adult gadgets with a lot of thought.
So enter the VTech Storio, a kids E-Reader or Kindle tribute!

Aimed at ages 3-7 years, Storio will get children motivated and excited about reading, in a fun and informative way. Storio encourages children to read along with their favourite characters, whilst developing their understanding of letters, vowels and phonics. What’s more, there are also parent-friendly extras to help monitor their development.

Featuring a super easy touch screen to navigate through, this is the fun new way for pre-schoolers to learn to read! The easy-to-use format brings stories alive with fun animation set to keep children entertained for hours. Children can play and interact in three different ways – Watch the Story, play Reading Games and use the Story Dictionary.

Watch the story - hear the story being read aloud from beginning to end and use the arrows to flick through each scene. As the story is read, each word will change colour so it's easy for little ones to follow, and they can also touch to hear individual words that they get stuck on.

Play reading games - play and learn with the story-related curriculum with specially designed games to help children develop their literacy.

Use the story dictionary - Press on difficult words to find out their definitions within the story

We received the Storio with Toy story but there are are other storybook cartridges including Scooby Doo, Shrek, Dora The Explorer and Mr Men to name a few.
When you plug the cartridge in you get two options, straight to read the story or you can play the activities. The good thing is also being able to go to where you left off with a bookmark, so if you are reading in small segments ideal.
Its very user friendly with a touch screen
I feel that this should be a beneficial learning aid, there are words in the story that if you click on them give a fuller description of the meaning and for the older end of the age range even further understanding.

Its clear  to me that you  should be spending time with your child as this does not replace reading time with them, its a great addition and help, a fun tool to aid with vocabulary, word recognition and developing reading.
The fun tool is realy the exciting benefit, so that it can be used alone and is a toy but a constant development device.

Fun also is a built in game called Word Finder rather like the Whack a Mole games at the amusement arcade or online, the word comes up and as a mole comes up you need to touch him to add the right letter.
I said earlier that I like VTech but I am pretty impressed in the effort they go to to really help with your children's learning, just check out the Twitter and Facebook pages dedicated to reading with kids.

A good price I think for what you get and compared to some of the toys in this years wish lists.
I have spotted it for £47.99 a bargain and the extra

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