Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tightsplease Jonathan Aston Fishnet Hold Ups Review

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I am reviewing the 'Jonathan Aston Fishnet Hold Ups' and I was very happy, being a petite size and and shorter, hold ups are my first choice for hosiery.

To be blunt I do not like the gusset(hate that word)on tights, its often too long for my waist to thigh, so they are  hanging down down and I invariably have to wear underwear under and over.
Its not comfortable and certainly not sexy.

So when 'Tights Please' asked me to review the Jonathan Aston Fishnet hold ups I was happy.
I love the feel of them, the way I feel in them and also for the way I look too.
Oh and Chris loves them too....on me that is!!!

Jonathan Aston are famed for their fashion hosiery, with a big enough range of styles and colours for you to create a really unique look to match any outfit.
For a subtly seductive and elegant look, try their selection of brilliant seamed hosiery.

Their net and lace products come in a wonderful array of colours and designs, but if you want the ultimate selection of striking colours take a look at their 40 denier opaque tights.

Jonathan Aston also supply us with our funky and flattering leg-warmers, which come in a choice of colours.
Check out the link for more gorgeous and gusset free "Hold Ups"!

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