Monday, 25 October 2010

Tightsplease have the X Factor

Love her or not, for the record  I am a total fan
Cheryl Cole's new song Promise This was performed last night on the X Factor live show. 
Whether she mimed or not, please note nobody is moaning about Michael Buble miming, despite him not having a heavy duty dance routine, you cannot deny though Cheryl looked hot. In a gorgeous ivory tuxedo, cute body, biker boots and bandage strip tights she made a stunning sight.
Paige said cool tights, I have to admit since reviewing for 'Tights Please' I have been hosiery spotting and instantly went looking for them.
They are Wolford Bondage Tights  and are available 23rd November, sign up to get an email to remind you as I don't think they will be around long!

Other Wolford  styles are just as stunning.

Other X Factor people in gorgeous legwear include Sophie from Belle Amie in

These ones have a Statue of Liberty pattern for more of these take a look at Henry Holland
Ooh la la, I have a gorgeous jumper dress with "I love Paris" on and I think I have found the perfect Citights.

One of my fave X Factor contestants is the sultry, honey voiced Rebecca Ferguson who is so very good, win or not she is already a star, mark my words.

 Bold metallics look great for evening wear matched with simple dresses and cute tweed jackets. For daytime, wear with cut off shorts and boots to create an interesting glimpse of sparkle to your outfit.

For all these and more gorgeous tights that are sure to get your vote visit


  1. I loved Cheryl's outfit, and I agree about the miming. How can you not mime doing a dance routine like that? x

  2. Any idea where the tuxedo jacket is from? x

  3. Any idea about Sophia's brown shoes? I've been searching everywhere!

  4. No not really, maybe searching "tan brogues"
    A little like these if you click on Sophies pick, they look lighter.

  5. there from river island! £34.99

  6. Yay you found them, thats brilliant!! Thats if you are the same anonymous!!

  7. Not a fan of Cheryl myself,just not my kind of music.I do love her tights though,want some :)