Friday, 22 October 2010

Tights Please Review Charnos Boudoir 10D Stockings

My latest 'Tights Please' review is for some gorgeous Charnos Boudoir 10D stockings, I think a woman feels entirely sensual and feminine in stockings and these are so sheer and light they feel divine too.
I have never gone to 10 denier before, 15 has been the most sheer but my tips are wear gloves or an old stocking when putting on and I swear by popping them into the freezer, my grandma told me this tip and I was dubious, opinions are divided on it.
But I can tell you one thing on a hot day its a lovely feeling sliding on cold stockings.

The Boudoir stockings have a lovely sheen to them, the lacy top gives that extra feeling of prettiness and sensuality.
They are a gorgeous pair of stockings, Charnos also have Lace Top Hold Ups in the Boudoir range if you want to feel a bit freer.

For other brands and styles all at prices to suit every pocket, check out the Stockings here.

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