Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tech Deck Review


Back in the day, I spent my passage into teenage life not playing kiss chase, no bike with pink bell and ribbons for me.
No I spent my summers in a neighbours garage making go-karts. Any pram wheel we could get our hands on was utilised. Hunting for parts was an obsession, the build design was a serious business and our proud machines were raced down the underpass of a road nearby.
We also made crude versions of skateboards but they were nothing like as cool as the precision boards that we have now. They wobbled, were not overly safe and quite ugly. They were not the phenomenon that they are today.

Conor's board is a work of art, they are made for stability now and extreme flips and half pipe manoeuvre's, gone are the days of wooden planks planed into a shape and rickety wheels.

As many crazes often do, in the late 70's a miniature skateboard also appeared around the same time we were making the large versions. These again were homemade and were often used as keyrings and attached to schoolbags.

These bear a very small resemblance to Tech Deck of today.

This is extreme indoor fun for all boys who love skateboarding. Or to be correct Fingerboarding, the decks come with many add ons and you can make so many styles and swap with friends before trying out your moves.

Spin Master Toys sent the Tech Deck Bonus pack, 6 decks, plus it has so many spare parts, riser pads, spare wheels and stickers that you just cannot get seperately. Its great to play alone or as an add on. Conor loved the wheels, the designs all seem to vary for the decks in the packs. Conor remarked thats what makes them so cool, not knowing what you will have and then designing your own.

Tech Deck® is the most recognised name in Extreme Sports replicas and is consistently one of the fastest growing properties across all toys! Tech Deck® are the only miniature skateboards and skateparks in the market with authentic licensed graphics from the hottest brands.

A great selection of new cool parks, hot skateboards and accessories have been introduced during 2010. Each Tech Deck® 96mm Skateboards is made with top quality materials, have removable wheels, have real skateboard graphics and include a tool kit. The boards are updated continually throughout the year with the hottest graphics from the world of skateboarding including some new licenses and shapes such as the Zip Zinger and The Dagger.

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