Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Secret of the Amulet Alex McCarthy

Alex McCarthy debut children’s novel ‘The Secret of the Amulet’ was inspired by the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest ‘The Secret of the Amulet’ takes its readers on a journey through an alternate world where magic exists but practicing science is forbidden.

 The stone inside the Amulet gleamed up at them. Noel stared at it for a few moments, and then looked back at the piece of paper. He knew it was his mother’s writing, scrawled on its worn out surface. The words repeated around his head as if hearing them over again would help him make sense of them.
In the mountains…

When Noel decides to return the Amulet to its rightful owner, he believes he is simply fulfilling his mother’s last wishes. Little does he know that this undertaking will draw him deeper than ever into a world filled with danger and dark magic. The journey will not just force him to confront the terrible and mysterious Guardians, the unspeakable truth of what happens in the factories in the city of Talibar, but also make him question everything he knew, or thought he knew about himself… as he tries to unravel the Secret of the Amulet

Next year the second in the trilogy entitled 'The Gifts of the Seven' will be published where the readers will discover the only way a Guardian can be killed. The final book in the trilogy will reveal the truth about the faeries’ hatred of science

Alex McCarthy said

“The idea really started with the four Guardians, because the thought of children having power over the elements was both fascinating and terrifying. The book is about a return to the natural world, and many of the plants, animals and medicines in the story were inspired by life in the Amazon Rainforest.”

Kathleen T. Pelley, author of Inventor McGregor said

“A wonderful book – Alex McCarthy has done an outstanding job on this! She is an excellent writer and I am just in awe at her ability to weave such a complicated and intriguing plot-line - lots of twists and turns of plot, and the ending is excellent - makes you want to get the next book straight away to see what will happen next.”

‘The Secret of the Amulet’ book one of the elements trilogy will be published on Everybody Writes day, Thursday 21st October

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