Monday, 11 October 2010


I was sent a few of the Sainsbury's  home baking range products to try.
I was quite curious as I am a bit of a brand snob at times.  I like baking and having tried own brands with mixed results in the past, I do tend to buy branded products.
Just had a weekend baking and tasting with the goodies I was sent and very pleased with the results.

The simpleness of a sponge cake was definitely enhanced with the Sainsbury's Fudge chunks, I must admit to delving into the bag to decorate the cakes and finding that not many reached the cakes, oops... but they are so tasty, a lovely sweet treat. There are honeycomb pies also as a decoration too, these cost £1.49 and its a very large bag compared to lots of other cake decoration brands.

The Crusty White Bread mix was great to use, very easy, as you can see I used the breadmaker however the by hand instructions would be just as simple.
The bread was very crusty topped, but a good moist soft texture inside. A lovely bread flavour, this loaf did not last long though.

There are many more products and as a result of using the above, I will certainly be using all the range at some point, there is a fab children's bake range Eric Bakes and great for your little ones baking sessions.

I have revised my opinion of buying own brands well I will be buying Sainsbury's Home baking range for up and coming bake sessions.


Sainsbury’s has launched 100 new and improved home baking products to ensure baking fans – from the serious to the fun-loving – can create something delicious in their kitchen. The range includes everything from portable cake stands and mini loaf trays, to high quality flours and flavoured extracts.

Try the new selection of five high quality Taste the Difference extracts to add flavour and depth to any recipe. Included are Madagascan Vanilla, Sicilian Lemon, Valencian Orange, American Peppermint and French Almond. Just add a couple of drops to your recipe and enjoy!

All priced at 99p / 38ml.

Or to add flavour and texture to cakes, try adding Sainsbury’s Mini Butterscotch Chips, Mini Fudge Chunks or buttery Mini Honeycomb Pieces. All priced at £1.49 / 100g pack

Baking for fun

Sainsbury’s has added a whole host of new mix kits, sprinkles and colourful icing tubes to the baking aisles, meaning delicious home baked goodies can be made and decorated without too much time and effort.

Try the delicious Vanilla Cupcake Mix (£1.29 / 335g) for cake making ease; all that’s needed is one egg, some butter, water and milk and hey presto! The mix even comes with yummy buttercream icing and pretty sugar stars – guaranteed to impress adults and kids alike. Other kits include a Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (£1.29 / 275g), Marble Cake Mix (£1.49 / 400g) and Lemon Drizzle Mix (£1.69 / 470g).

Keen to create your own fairy cakes from scratch but need some inspiration before decorating them? Why not try the huge choice of sprinkles to add that extra something. Sainsbury’s has Sugar Stars, Chocolate Crispies Chocolate Stars and lots more to get you inspired. It even has Nigella’s favourite, Glimmer Sugar, for maximum impact! All priced at £1.09 / pack. Sizes vary.

Baking for kids

We all know that kids love baking too, but need a little bit of help in the kitchen, so Sainsbury’s has created a range of kits developed especially for kids. Each one allows kids to make their edible masterpieces unsupervised, with mum and dad only stepping in to turn on the oven! Eric bakes mini butterfly cakes (1.29), Eric bakes mini vanilla cupcakes, (1.29) Erica bakes gingerbread men, Eric bakes stained glass window biscuits and Eric bakes mini double chocolate muffins. These three priced at £1.69. Sizes vary.

And for extra pizzazz, Sainsbury’s Eric the Elephant has also joined in the baking craze, with two great decorating kits. Each contains two icing tube colours and three different sprinkles. And just so there are no arguments, kits come in blue and pink! Eric also joins forces with his pal Erica to launch some colourful decorating sprinkles. Eric & Erica Sprinkles (£1.09 / 50g).



  1. Sainsbury's Crusty Bread mix is rubbish. It takes too long to mix and both times I have made it the dough did not rise as it should, despite following all instructions to the T. Try Wrights instead. For a few pennies more its half the work and great results.

  2. Ooh have to disagree, you have my photo up there and that loaf tasted as good as it looked. Rose as you may notice and was light and yummy. I agree Wrights is goos too though but supermarketbrands such as Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's are all good.