Monday, 4 October 2010

Radox Eastern Spirit Review

Radox is the U.K.’s favourite* washing and bathing brand with 100 years of experience in sourcing and blending herbs and minerals to deliver bath, shower and liquid soap products that help you feel better.
* Source: IRI 52 w/e

Radox started in 1908 making foot bath salts.  By 1957, the original core product, Radox Salts, was already known as a relaxing bath to be enjoyed after sport, gardening or other physical activities.
In 1969, Liquid Radox was launched as an easier and more effective format to use in the bath and in 1975, with the increasing use of showers, Radox Shower was launched in its distinctive hooked pack.
With its expertise in herbs and minerals, Radox was the first to develop the “proven-to-relax” formulations found in Radox Herbal Bath (2004). These days, one in four baths in the UK is a ‘Radox Bath’.  

I was a child who loved going to my Grandparent's house they always had bath salts, lots of people in the late 70's had glass jars with herbal bath salts but Radox was the one which sat on their bathroom window sill.
I loved my bath time when I was allowed to use Radox, its herbal aroma filled  my nose and it was relaxing even for a child with no real need for this uplifting tonic.

Radox have moved through each decade bringing herbal and floral fragrance and ingredients, adding them to more modern formulas.

The latest one is just as soothing for mind and body.

I was sent New Radox Eastern Spirit a shower gel and the bath soak to try and its been a most relaxing experience.

I love the colour of the products they are a rich orangy pink, both look lovely in the bathroom. The scent is very pleasant, a gorgeous flowery citrus fragrance, really strong in the bath and a lingering fragrance on the skin for hours after bathing.

It has Lotus Flower. A native plant to China, where it has been held as sacred for thousands of years. It is thought to help balance, cleanse & strengthen the senses and is often used in meditation.

Orange Blossom - Originally found in the far east, this highly fragrant flower is known to help rejuvenate and improve the condition of very dry skin.

Radox is helping you escape to the Far East without ever leaving the bathroom with the launch of their Eastern Spirit Limited Edition range.  With exotic ingredients such as Oriental Lotus Flower and Orange Blossom, your senses are guaranteed to be rejuvenated.

The shower gel is so invigorating in the morning, the scent is a lovely wake up. Its not going to last long in our house as the whole family is using it lots.

The Radox Eastern Spirit range will be available to purchase nationwide in supermarkets and leading independent chemists from September. The range will run across Bath, Shower and Handwash, and will retail from £1.60 (RRP)

For further details on Radox and to view the full product range please visit

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