Friday, 22 October 2010

Poundland Halloween Review

I am thrilled by the Halloween range at Poundland they have thought of everything, entertaining, trick or treat goodies to hand out at the door, fantastic Halloween  costumes for the little ones and oodles of ghoulish decorations to perfectly theme your night!

There is a standing joke in our house, sure its said all over but we will be wandering around a Poundland Store Chris will pick up something and say "How much is this?" I always get caught out and answer "A £1" and as I look at him he is laughing as he obviously knows the price!

So with the goodies I was sent to review I managed to get my own back.
I scared the living daylights out of him with one of the masks  by jumping out from behind the door and as he breathed heavier, I said worth every £1!!!

One of the sweetie eyeballs floating in a glass of lemonade agreat hit with the kids.

Thanks to Poundland the sweet range will make children very happy and a little grossed out but that's the aim of the day. Their are cut off finger stumps, jelly eyeballs, put then in the green Halloween decorated bowl along with a bag of creepy crawlies, some bat rings and lollies and its a scary bowl of delights.

Hanging skeleton, Pumpkin straws

Its an amazing range of goodies from cool blood stained plates, may put you off your sausages on sticks though especially if you spot the bloodied finger stumps!

Throw a ghoulishly good party this Halloween with Poundland…

Keep your pounds for the punch and deck the house out for a ‘horrifically’ low price this year with everything at just £1 !

Hang eerie lanterns and light candles in the halls to give your guests a chilling entrance…

For more information visit , the Poundland blog and the twitter page:


  1. so, party back at yours jo. lol xx

  2. Yes you are all welcome!!!
    I do a mean sweet eyeball in Sodastream drink and fab Halloween cakes.

  3. The blood stained plates are it!!

  4. Love Poundland has some brilliant stuff and guess what its all £1 !!
    I especially love it round Halloween as I dress kinda gothy/rock chick when I go out and a lot of the things Id wear all year round.I picked up a pair of lovely tights with spider webs on and black lacy gloves last Halloween.
    Its also fab for make-up,I got a really lovely Sally Hansen HD nail polish in Spectrum which is a gorgeous glittery metallic turquoise.Long live Poundland !! :)

  5. Lol at the blood stained plates, awesome!