Thursday, 14 October 2010

PhoneShield and Wi-fiShield Review

Now if in the back of your mind from time to time, creeps the worry of the effects of mobiles and laptops and any other electronic device, then PhoneShield and Wi-fiShield maybe can allay some of that concern. I know it has for me.
Its a nifty little button shape that sticks on to the back of your mobile phone, laptop, microwave, PC anything you need it for. Its interference free and recommended by the medical profession.
That was enough to convince me to use one.
When they arrived, I was interested in the statement on the front of the PhoneShield pack, it says

Helps relieve conditions associated with cell phone use
Concentration loss
Poor decision making

Now me being me, instantly rang Chris and told him all about them and said could I attach one to him too as he definitely suffers poor decision making. and makes me fatigued, especially not bringing back my fave bottle of wine, just coming in and telling me it was on offer!!

Seriously though, I feel very much happier having these safeguards on my phone and laptop. Very happy to add them to the children's phones more as they are permanently attached to them. Either facebooking or texting.

Seriously though, I feel very much happier having these safeguards on my phone and laptop. Very happy to add them to the children's phones more as they are permanently attached to them. Either facebooking or texting. It fits easily and looks fine, this is an England design on my phone. paige snaffled the attractive red gemstone version. Chris the plain for his work phone.

As for my laptop well as I am on every day blogging about products that I like, so this is definitely putting my mind at ease, knowing I am protected.

Using a mobile phone and using the computer at the office and at home adds up to hours of exposure each day to electro magnetic radiation (EMR). Many of us use a computer all day at work and then spend our leisure time surfing the internet at home. Radiation from mobiles, computers, laptops and other wire-less technology cannot be seen, heard or smelled yet is all around us.

Scientific and medical research shows that children are particularly vulnerable to the effects as their immune systems are not yet properly developed and their lifetime of exposure to wire free technology and radiation will be longer. You may be concerned about future effects on your children due to their regular use of mobiles and computers. Pregnant women may also be more vulnerable.
The dangers of EMR can result in fatigue, poor concentration, tiredness and headaches, which are just a few of the less serious health concerns associated with the radiation omitted from such devices. Other possible side effects include nausea, blurred vision, short term memory loss, muscle weakness and an impaired immune system. In addition, some scientists are concerned that such radiation may cause cancer, brain tumours and early senility.
Top Tips to help you Stay Healthy on Your Mobile Phone

· Keep your mobile phone a few inches away from your ear and kink it slightly

· Don’t keep your mobile phone in your pocket, which is close to vulnerable reproductive organs.

· Keep your mobile phone calls short – avoid using it for long conversations and chats – move the phone over to your other ear after 5 mins of talking

· Use a landline if possible

· Try to use your phone where there is good reception as this requires less power

· Send a text instead of making a short phone call

· Choose cable connections rather than Wi-Fi internet

· Choose a cordless phone with the lowest radiation from· Don’t leave a mobile phone switched on beside your bed at night

· Use a radiation protector on your mobile phone such as a Phoneshield or Wi-Fi Shield on your lap top or computer

Scientifically proven, the Phoneshield product makes it really easy for you to take some precautionary action for yourself and your family against the dangers of EMR. The quartz crystal technology aids to diffuse and eliminate some of the dangerous effects of EMR. The PhoneShield works by emitting its own low frequency signal, which intercepts and cancels the phone's pulsed frequency pattern alleviating its harmful effect on the brain and the body's biological system.The Phoneshield has a strong adhesive pad and simply attaches to the back of your mobile phone and they are also compatible with any type or model of mobile, i phone or blackberry device and has absolutely no affect on the transmission or signal of your devices. The Quartz Wi-fi shield is also available, a small, round device that is attached to the back of your computer or laptop monitor and works in exactly the same way as the Phoneshield, helping you and your family stay healthy and to mitigate our everyday exposure. These tiny shields are highly effective yet are quick and easy to fit, require no technical expertise and are very affordable. For more information on scientific reports from international scientists, EMR experts and public health officials on this subject, please visit the website at

The Bio Initiative Report is based on 1500 individual studies which conclude unequivocally that there is sound evidence of harmful biological effects which can damage the body’s immune system and lower resistance to long term serious illness.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, the Phoneshield product is available at £12.50 and the Wi-fi product costs £14.99 both available on line from, where you can also find lots more useful information and research on this subject matter.

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