Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Philips Wake-Up Light Review - A more calming way to wake

I researched the winter blues and how dawn simulation works its something that we all can suffer with, its the difficulty of waking up in the darker mornings. This happens because the mind tells the body not to wake up when is still dark out. When a person does wake-up they feel tired and are melancholy.

Dawn simulation actually tricks your brain into thinking it is light outside and it is time to wake up. The pineal gland in your brain registers this light and begins secreting serotonin. Therefore, you wake up feeling rested and full of energy.
Now enough of the science lesson heres some fun!

Watch this hilarious video when the Philips Wake_Up light convinces a cockerel that it is indeed time to get up and cockadoodledoo!!

The Philips Wake-Up Light is designed to gently wake the body the way nature intended - with light.

From half an hour before your required wake-up time, the Philips Wake-Up Light starts emitting a gentle light which gradually increases in intensity, simulating the rising sun in your bedroom.
Your body will be gently prepared to wake up so you feel refreshed and more alert to face those cold winter mornings. In research conducted by Philips, 9 out of 10 people found waking up using the Philips Wake-Up Light more pleasant than alternative methods such as radio alarm clocks.
Philips can’t bring summer back but it can improve your winter wake-up.

Now I am a light sleeper until it comes to winter, I then have real trouble waking up in the darkness, I am the same as most people and take a while to adjust to dark mornings, I hate turning the light on and wandering around scrunched eyes trying to adjust to the glare. It just puts me in bad form.
When I was offered the Philips Wake-Up light, I was keen to put it straight through a trial.
I was expecting a light only, but quite amused to find it has a selections of pleasant noises to wake to. There is garden birdsong and I think my friendly male blackbird is very puzzled as we have a window open overnight, he too can hear the sound and thinks there is an intruder.
My favourite has to be the cuckoo, its just so peaceful and relaxing.
The cows are hilarious, I actually slept really deeply at the weekend and woke dreaming I was on a farm and as a consequence woke up tittering to myself when I realised it was the Philips Wake-Up light. 

Now this is just the claim that Philips make that 80% of people find it a more pleasant way to wake up, I am telling you now its true, I am reasonably chilled in the morning, hate dark days though and it takes me a while to get going.
But this wake up method has me happy, even laughing. I have woken up more or less before the sounds come on, the light wakes me first, it gently seeps into my brain I think, I then just lie awake waiting for the gentle bird calls.
So even though I am getting slightly less time in bed as the light wakes me relatively early, I am more awake and feeling more alert.
Chris wakes to the noises and also is smiling and that is clever, he is a happy soul but not before coffee!
Now you can use the radio or even fave songs on a USB but we are still loving the countryside noise, it feels like summer somehow.

I would like it to be smaller, its a large item, but I am presuming that's to work at its best to light up correctly. This is the main feature after all. 
I have had a look around and the price is very much cheaper online than the RRP. Its worth the extra just for the good feelings it causes.
Another highly recommended product.Philips are really very clever if they can make me laugh on a dark morning.

The Philips Wake-Up Light is available from Argos and Boots, RRP £130

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