Monday, 18 October 2010

Persil Small and Mighty Review

I do actually use Persil Small and Mighty amongst other faves, its a good cleaning detergent, works on all the stains my children throw at me and smells good.
It works really well on stains and I don't have to pretreat or stand scrubbing stains first. I like the smaller size bottle it fits easily into the cupboard.

 I was asked to review it based on it Cleaner Planet Plan and I was happy to agree and hopefully learn a bit too.
Its estimated we wash 39 tonnes of laundry, now I know why I am tired at the end of the day and that amount sounds more like a laundry company. Can you imagine what it was like before washing machines?

I can see with that great mound of dirty washing my carbon footprint is going to be making its dirty mark, but I still need to get my clothes clean.

Persil Small and Mighty say I can do both.

Now they will tell you more concisely about that below, but I visited the Cleaner Planet Plan and it has changed my view on buying smaller.

We know already that Small and Mighty bottles are smaller so more of them can be transported for less.
This doesn't sound overly impressive until you read on the Cleaner Planet Plan that if every person in the world switched to smaller or concentrated versions of their laundry products, we would save 4.3 million tonnes of CO2. 



That's just in one year. In plain speak its the equivalent of taking 1 million cars off the road for a year!! 

Launder for less - Savvy ways to save money on your household bills

It is easier than you might think to save money on your laundry; In the UK, the average mum takes care of 5 loads of laundry a week, washing a colossal 39 tonnes of clothes during her lifetime. These simple steps can help you make each load a little lighter on the pocket and the planet.

1. Persil Small & Mighty concentrated liquid is now available in 28 and 54 wash packs giving you better value. With these bigger packs you could use nearly 40% less packaging and when you wash at 15C you can save over £1 on energy with every pack - which is great news for the environment too!

2. By hanging clothes outside to dry, or on an airer, instead of using the tumble drier, you can save £70 on your annual electricity bills.

3. If you usually wash at 40 degrees, turn to 30 degrees and you can save £7 on your annual bills, or even £40 if you wash at a cold temperature. New Persil Small & Mighty has been proven to work at 15 degrees or less.

4. Always deal with stains on clothes straight away - ideally before the stain has dried - to prevent having to use more expensive stain removers, or having to get it professionally cleaned. Visit for more cleaning tips.

5. Using a liquid detergent such as Persil Small and Mighty can help you save the pennies on every wash. A standard wash with Persil Small and Mighty costs 4p less than a comparative wash with a powder detergent.

Visit for more ideas on the small changes that you can make to save money, and the environment, too.


  1. Thanks for the review - fab tips too. I love anything that makes the washing chore that little bit easier!

  2. thanks for the review and some really good information and tips