Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Palmolive Soft & Gentle Deodorants Review

As you may remember from my recent Palmolive Nutra.Fruit Shower Crémes review, I am a fan and grew up with the brands creamy  soap bar, dreaming of a soft skin like Cleopatra's as Palmolive ads used to say.
Now I am fully grown up and realise that Cleopatra's skin was possibly good in her Mark Antony days  but she may have ran into trouble in her middle age and as she died aged 39, we will never know!!!
She also may have ponged a bit as asses milk tends to turn and as for deodorant, I do not think it was about.   
I however have nothing to worry about as Palmolive have a new range of nine deodorants made for the modern day ruler of the home!!

I was sent  a couple to review firstly the Anti White Marks Verbena and Waterlily, I like the shapes of allthe anti-perspirant  canisters. They are slim, easy to pop into your bag, look good in the bathroom, one of my likes as you may remember.
I loved the gorgeous fragrance, flowery but not too sweet. I decided to test the anti white mark claim and taking no prisoners, I but on a black tshirt. Not a mark in sight and I put it straight on. I am sold as white marks on a top is my one bug bear.

I also tried the Soft Jasmine and Coco milk its developed to be kind to skin and even after shaving there was not smarting feel.
The fragrance is very feminine, flowery, if it was a colour it would be palest pink.The fragrance also lasted right through the day as well as the anti-perspirant effect.

Lastly but in no way least I tried the Lavender and Patchouli Anti Stress Aromatherapy, I don't tend to use roll on but I was pleasantly surprised it was easy to use, dried relatively quickly and lasted all day. A surprise too for despite the scents being one I thought would not be nice and would never have picked in the shop, actually was my favourite. 
I could not pick out lavender or patchouli, it was  a really mellow deep flowery scent.

All three types for me worked very well in keeping me fresh, all the scents were lovely as I said surprising as I do not always tend towards feminine flowery scents, these are very natural.
They had a nice feel on my skin, no irritation or stinging. All three are lovely handy sizes for on the go, so great for the gym or for teens school sports lessons.

After polling over 4,000 women to ask them what they really want out of their deodorant, Palmolive has developed nine tantalising fragrances in the Palmolive Soft and Gentle range, each with its own special benefit - 24 hour protection has never smelt so good!:

Drive tension away with Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Lavender & Patchouli

Turn heads with Sensual Aromatherapy Wild Rose & Vanilla

Revitalise your senses with Refresh Frozen Coconut & Peach

Pamper yourself with Kind To Skin Soft Jasmine & Coco Milk

Stay fresh with Extra Dry Linen & Wild Cornflower

Banish marks with Anti White Marks Verbena & Waterlily

Revive yourself with Extra Fresh Lotus & Watermelon

Be ready for anything with Body Responsive Passion Flower & Black Orchid

Gently protect with Sensitive Almond Milk & Honeysuckle

All products in the range include soybean oil within their formula. Soy bean oil is an excellent emollient which complements the skin’s natural equilibrium and allows for soft and smooth skin.

The Palmolive Soft and Gentle range is perfect for fragrance lovers! Drawing from a palette of over 3,000 scents, the expert ‘noses’ behind some of the range, perfumers Firmenich use a combination of science and art to create the evocative scents.

Susan Straszewski, Fragrance Evaluator at Firmenich says, “As experts in fragrances, we know that scent taps into emotions, enabling people to set free their most pleasant memories. Consumers also tell us that fragrances give them confidence and a sense of presence and energy.

Inspired by the skilled craftsmanship of Fine Fragrances, the Palmolive Soft & Gentle range represents femininity through fragrances which are both complex and sophisticated. The range evokes a wide variety of moods – whether classy elegance (Almond Milk & Honeysuckle), light hearted, fun and flirty (Soft Jasmine & Coco Milk), or seductive and alluring (Passion Flower & Black Orchid) – there is plenty to choose from to suit any personality.”

Palmolive Soft and Gentle is available in three sizes: handy 50ml roll-on, handbag friendly 150ml spray, and stay-at-home 250ml spray.

50ml (roll-on): £0.99

150ml (handbag friendly spray): £1.79
250ml (large): £2.49
They are available from all major retailers including supermarkets and chemists.

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  1. i love soft and gentle anyway but these sound the best yet - cant wait to try them