Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Paladone Review I'm A Celebrity Get me Out of Here Gifts

I love gadgets and gimmicks, my children too love whoopie cushions, novelty toys joke books and pranks and each year there is always something fun and novel in their stockings.
They had slime and joke chewing gums this year.
So when Paladone sent me an item from their new I'm a Celebrity range we were all excited to see what we got.


Paladone Products Ltd today announce the signing of the UK and Ireland licensing agreement to create a range of products based on the BAFTA winning ITV1 programme ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!’
The innovative product line has been inspired by popular elements from the show and includes a range of high quality mugs, Celebrity Snakes n Ladders and a Spider Catcher for those creepy-crawly moments.
A key product in the range is Which Witchetty Grub? that consists of ten white chocolate grubs, seven filled with caramel and three with tripe flavoured filling and allows purchasers the opportunity to stage their own hilariously realistic bush-tucker trial.

Well my item to review......we got a pack of chocolate Witchetty Grubs!!!
 Reaction in the house was as follows.
Conor "Wicked"
Chris "Yeah, I like tripe!" 
Paige "Uggghhh, no way am I touching them!"
Me "Ummmmm, no!"

I watched programmes years ago about Aboriginal tribes, and saw brave reporters trying the fat little grub found inside old rotting tree stumps, it turned my stomach then even though a green faced naturalist would describe them tasting like peanuts. 

We are fans of I'm a Celebrity and as the nightly episodes have stars doing Bush- Tucker trials it was inevitable they were going to appear again.
Now I have a weak stomach, Chris and Conor get as much entertainment out of seeing me dash from the room gasping and trying to calm my stomach when I see Paul Burrel and Katie Price retching.
So when I thought "Mmmmm  nice caramel centred chocolates" my next feeling was my stomach already somersaulting at the thought of tripe centered grubs.

So sorry, I am not reviewing the sweet grubs for you>
 I am weak yes and a chicken, yes I am... and no I can't even be double dared to try one.
Two have been consumed by Chris and Conor and they got the sweet ones... booo I hear you say.
They have yet to gain their bravery and try again and so far have not convinced anybody to try a third!!

I also know its a gift that will be so much fun for all the brave folks and pranksters in our family. But why could I not have tried the spider catcher, I actually like spiders!!!

‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!’ products will be available from and at W H Smith, Peacocks and Hawkins Bazaar to coincide with the transmission of the 2010 season of the show.


  1. loving the look of the Which Witchetty Grub - had a lot of fun recently with chocolate russian roulette and can feel an larvae based replay coming on!

  2. LOL Ewww that's disgusting but hilarious !! I don't think I'd be brave enough to try either but I could imagine passing them around to people I don't like very much without warning them !!