Thursday, 21 October 2010

New Covent Garden Food Review October Soup of the Month

Now October is the month that comes in mild and goes out cold, it ends on a high note in our house as we love Halloween and all things scary.
One such scary item was the pumpkin soup Chris decided to make, shhh don't tell him, he is right of course when he said it seems a waste not to use the pumpkin flesh and make a soup after carving out for Halloween Night.
But it was a sorry watery disaster and reaffirmed my belief that pumpkin is not going to be on our menu.

But when New Covent Garden approached me and asked me to try their Soup of the Month I agreed even though it was pumpkin, firstly because all the ingredients sound tasty and secondly because even when its not in my house, I can smell New Covent Garden soups!

You see they are across the playing field from me and when the wind blows this way, we all get immensely hungry as we can smell gorgeous soups. So I am a loyal fan and have tried many of the offerings.

I was bowled over by the soup named appropriately Witches Brew, not only did the name make it so right for the month but the look and the flavours.
It has lovely soft pulses and is a sweet but spicy tomato based soup, I believe the pumpkin gives the sweetness and I am converted  to its flavour, it has a smokey taste and my favourite herb coriander to flavour it delicately.
Its warming and satisfying and sadly like Halloween only here for a short time.

 A Wickedly Tasty Pumpkin Soup

NCG Introduce their Magical New Halloween Soup – Witches’ Brew

Those creative chefs at New Covent Garden Food Co. have been hard at work, stirring up a smoky storm in their seasonal soup cauldron to create a spellbinding October Soup of the Month called Witches’ Brew!

This mouth-watering soup blends together velvety pumpkin flesh, blood-red plum tomatoes, chickpeas, kidney beans and black eyed beans (which look just like real eyeballs) to create a magical mix to comfort the whole family on what can be a spooky and chilly evening.

New Covent Garden Food Co.’s Witches’ Brew will be available in supermarkets and independent retailers nationwide throughout October, priced £1.99

For further information about New Covent Garden Food Co.’s delicious range of fresh soups, please visit for further information.

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