Thursday, 14 October 2010

Moon Sand Review Hot Toys for Christmas 2010

Moon Sand™ Age 3+ £3.99-19.99

Now firmly established with young families everywhere, the fun, innovative Moon Sand™ range continues to drive imagination and creative role play amongst its core audience 4-7 years. Easy to shape and mould, the sand never dries out and doesn’t stick or stain, making cleaning up a breeze and there will be new packaging which is offers closeable, stackable storage and also moulded sand trays in the larger playsets.

The Moon Sand™ Construction range, features three playsets – Road Crew, Demolition and Sky Crane. Each set contains several colours of Moon Sand™, a themed sand tray or playmat, construction worker figure, construction vehicle and accessories so that you can put the three sets together to create one large Construction site. All vehicles have real working features to really bring the role play to life, including jack hammer, back hoe, excavator with brick maker and wrecking ball!

The Moon Sand™ Sweet Delights range features three sets – Ice Cream Sundae, Shake Maker and Bake Shop. Each set contains three colours of Moon Sand™ and lots of moulds and accessories and moulded trays or playmat for easy cleaning. Whether you want to create your perfect ice cream dessert, mix up your favourite fruit smoothie or create and bake* cakes and cookies, Moon Sand™ has it all for creative kids this autumn.

I have something to say first about Moon Sand, I want to be a child again maybe 7/8... yes 7 years old when I was 9 I got my hair pulled for weeks by a nasty little oik called Billy, anyway I digress.
When I was seven years old I had two choices for baking sessions, one was good but rare and that was baking with my Granny, the other was not so good but pretend baking... all we had though was  plasticine, now firstly it stinks, secondly the colours were boring primary colours but no  pinks, purples, white and pastels.
Thirdly it went rock hard if you wanted to display your latest creation, then snapped so mainly you had to demolish the work of art.

If I was seven now I would have a Moon Sand Bake Shop, we were sent one to review and if you have daughters they will be in modelling heaven.
Its really very pretty, pinks, whites lots of purple, what is it about the colour purple that so many little girls love?
It has moulds that are egg shaped, butter shaped etc, you have to pack the Moon Sand in pretty tightly to get the shape its our tip for getting the perfect moulds.
Then you pop your ingredients into the mixer, which is ultra cool as it works.

Your mixture whizzes around and then you can start to make cupcakes, gateau and cookies.  I found it easy to sweep up after the play session too, it does not stain hands or chairs either, less messy than plasticine as well.
The best bit of all is they can be baked to last forever, so if its a masterpiece, it can also be a keepsake too. Bear in mind more Moon Sand will have to be purchased if your little one keeps all their creations and you bake them.
This is the perfect set for creative hands and whats nice are the boys versions too, cool construction sets.
Oh and whats more unlike plasticine it doesn't stink!!!


  1. I love the fact that Moon Sand can be baked to preserve a particularly good creation. And to know it isn't going to turn into a dirty brown, hair and fluff ridden plasticene is a real bonus! Great review thanks!

  2. I work in a pre-school and am very interested in the Moon sand, if you need any testers.... would love to!

  3. I'm not a fan of moon sand, my two are too young and it got very messy. I didn't know you could preserve it however, that's a great idea.

  4. moon sand is great just got this for my daughter last week

  5. Have some Moon Sand at home. It's a messy but clean game - if you know what I mean :)

  6. moon sands great fun and cheap just wish came with a tray of some sort to keep it on as alot goes up the hoover!! and pots to store it back in for re-use


  7. I have been tempted to buy this for my grandchildren but was never quite sure that it was any good but from what is said here I think I just might end up getting some for xmas pressies. :)

  8. brilliant review! This is the sort of toy i would have loved as a kid!

  9. I've never tried the moon sand, my 2 have play doh, but this looks good, and I have to say I would have loved the bake shop when I was younger!

  10. The Moon Sand sounds great.Would like this for myself, but would give it to grandaughter if i won.

  11. Interested to read your review as my son has been asking for a Moon Sand Construction Set for months. Santa may be making a purchase...

  12. I wish this had been around when I was younger! Shall just have to give it to the little children I know and share it with them instead *sigh*

  13. Love your review of this! I wondered how good it was, as I have the advert tune stuck in my head and have eyed it up several times in toy shops! My son loves playing in the sandpit in summer, so I will definetly invest in this towards his Christmas presents!

  14. I'd definitely go for the Bake Shop for my daughter, she loves Moon Sand and helping in the kitchen so it's the perfect Christmas present!

  15. @kikicomp Spinmaster said all the new Moon Sand items come with a tray, but because it doesn’t dry out we don’t provide containers!

    Most mums keep in re-sealable bags or Tupperware etc.

  16. Wonderful toys collection you got here! I love it!! I have one of the best action figure for kids that I know they will all love to buy!!!:

  17. thinking about getting the construction one for my sons birthday. My daughter has a princess one and loves it



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