Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Moon Dough Review - Hot Arts & Crafts Toys for Christmas 2010

Moon Dough™ is an amazing new moulding compound unlike anything you have ever seen before! Moon Dough™ is soft and marshmallow-like, does not stick or stain to carpets and never dries out so you can use it again and again. Easy to mould and holds its shape, Moon Dough™ is perfect for little hands of 2-4 year olds, and there are eight soft colours available in single or double packs.

There’s four playsets to choose from. The Playful Puppies and Diner sets both come with two colours of Moon Dough™, moulds and moulds for making burgers, hot dogs and fries or a Kennel which magically moulds puppies, bones and steaks. Simply load in the Dough, turn the handle and watch the magic!

The Moon Dough™ Barn Yard brings all the fun of the farm right into your own home. Bale some hay, put it in the barn silo, mould a fence or turn the crank to create fun 3D Moon Dough animals. It comes with a themed play mat, four moulds (cow, pig, sheep and horse) and three colours of Moon Dough™ to bring your creations to life.

Moon Dough™ Pan Pizza magically moulds six toppings through the pizza oven by cranking the handle. Make your pizza base, decorate and then put into the pizza box to cut and serve with the pizza slice. It also comes with a themed playmat and three colours of Moon Dough for some great food play activity!

Now this is the most clever set ever, cute puppies appeal to every child I have ever known. Its simple fun, you pop the Moon dough  in the top of the kennel, turn the cute bone handle and puppies pop out. To squeals of delight and wonderment at first puppy appearing its magical and that's just me watching!!

It is a bit crumbly but just make sure you have a larger activity mat under the play area and its not a problem.

I have also talked to Spin Master Toys about this and they suggest (although if you are not a Smart Alec like me you would note this in the instructions anyway..oops sorry!)
when you first open the dough it needs man-handling for a little while to make it more pliable and help it expand – then its not as crumbly afterwards – a bit like kneading bread

No staining occurred in play and it does not make any greasy marks either, miles better than any dough I have bought or made. It also hoovers up well after if any bits do escape...shhh don't tell the children we do that!

It feels really squidgy and very comfortable in your hand, its great just to roll and squash into shapes as well.

A brilliant idea and great Christmas gift from Spin Master Toys.The pizza one would be as cool, always great to make play food.


  1. Fab review. My kids are desperate for this! They have been bugging me since they first watched the advert!

    Thanks for this, will definitely be having a look to buy some :)

  2. Wow! How fab is that! I've never heard of it, but my little boy would love it. Sounds like a good alternative to play dough. I may have to give it a go xx

  3. This looks great Jo. My daughter loves modelling clay.

  4. Why didn't they have this stuff when my kids were little, i had to make 'play dough' and it never came out of the carpet.
    My friend has moon dough and i love 'helping' her kids play with it. they find it really easy to handle and make all sorts of shapes and things with the moulds and machines, and it's really easy to clean up too

  5. Ooh, fab review! We tried Moon Sand a while back, and I hated it - it went everywhere! I may just be persuaded to try this, though!

  6. I love the look of this. Fab review - will look out for it in the shops!

  7. My youngest seen this ad on TV a few weeks ago and was very keen! Excellent review :)

  8. Sounds fab! My 4 year old really wants this and have been reluctant to get it but may give it a shot now X

  9. This looks like good stuff. Been looking out for playdoh to get the littlest. They love being creative.

  10. my 2 and a half year old son loves playdough and maybe with moon dough his 11 month old brother can play too