Friday, 1 October 2010

Liv Dolls Review Hot Girls Toys for Christmas 2010


Liv Dolls are in my opinion the coolest dress your own doll ever, I had Sindy, Paige had Barbie, now they were cool, had amazing outfits, my Sindy had a horse but she sis not stay on it well. She had the riding boots, the hat, jodphurs and it was the closest I was ever going to get to my own horse.
Girls have played out their fantasies with their chosen dolls for decades, imagining they will be  a rock princess, a nurse, dentist even for Barbie.

But the dolls do look a bit old American looking, not really wearing the clothes you could hope to achieve. I think Barbie had had Botox way before it was invented.

Bratz got there with the outfits but their heads well they looked so strange, like they had had too much growth hormone pills!! The clothes just seemed so trailer trash for a little girl to be playing with.

Now along comes Liv Dolls and I like them. The Sophie Liv Doll "Its My Nature" is particularly cute. Paige said wow she has Uggs!
The box has the tag line - Real Girls. Real Life. I can see it, Sophie has a natural face, dressed normally, not like a princess or a porn star! Sophie has lovely long hair and an extra wig, you can also buy additional hairstyles, so you can get a mini Girls World without the huge head.
I tried to dye my Sindy's hair, using felt tip pens and when I was done she had green pen on her forehead and neck. She looked dreadful and was in effect ruined.
The Liv dolls can have a dye, you can chop her hair and turn her into a goth, then just use another wig. The person who thought of this is a genius, it saves tears and tantrums and thats just from the parent who spent the money on the ruined doll.

Sohie has a cute bodywarmer over a top, with a denim skirt, leggings and Uggs. She also comes with brush beads for her hair, hat, sunglasses and scissors.

When you buy a Liv doll for your daughter, she gets free web membership to  LIV WORLD  There is a special code is in the box. Online you can dress your Liv doll, read her diary, play games.
Who remebers the cardboard dolls  with a page of outfits that had tags on, you decorated them, cut them out and attached them to your doll through corresponding openings for the tags. I loved them, Paige when very young,had some after I searched a long time. Well now you can do this a million times better on Liv World.

There are the other Liv Dolls Katie, Alexis and  Daniela and new best friend Hayden

Just an update received today Liv Dolls just won an award!

ToyTalk Awards 2010 in


Winner: Liv Dolls It’s My Nature (Spin Master)

 LIV Age 5+ £4.99-24.99

The girls have got a new BFF – Hayden – who is crazy about being outdoors. The ‘Its My Nature’ range has fabulous winter fashions to suit every occasion, a horse called ‘Nutmeg’ with realistic articulation, beautiful with mane for styling and lots of accessories, and a 30-piece Lodge Playset for the cosy nights in whilst out in the country.


  1. This can be best gift to all of the girls. As they like barbies and other dolls more. Hence they will be very happy by getting all these toys.

  2. All these dolls look great but my neice would love the doll wearing the uggs!

  3. Love these doll, my girls love toys were they can create their own world, and these would be perfect. Great how there all in Winter clothes! Amanda x

  4. These dolls are dressed better than me!
    I love the fact these are dressed like real girls and not all 'dolled' up!

  5. Wonderful toys collection you got here! I love it!! I have one of the best action figure for kids that I know they will all love to buy!!!: