Thursday, 28 October 2010

Little Dish Review

Most busy mums at some point rely on quick foods to feed their family, maybe when in from work and having to be out again in the evening.
Maybe at the weekend when you just cannot be bothered to cook, so a lot of us reach for the fridge and freezer for a convenient meal solution.
Tasty easy and ok not  going to win you a Good Housekeeping award but then nor is the two hours slaving over a hot stove making a roast.

I am a firm believer in most of the dietary advice given to mums for their children, no salt, no sugar. I am proud that we got to my children's first birthday and chocolate had not touched their lips.
Bit taken aback I was actually accused of being a mean mother for this not by my children, they were too young then, but another mum.

It is hard when time is tight to stick to your healthy pledges when all the family can eat a ready meal, but you still have to make toddler meals from scratch and you are needing a break.
So when Little Dish first appeared in the ready meal section of the supermarket, hundreds of mums could tear off their aprons, breathe a sigh of relief, not be guilt wracked that they were rubbish at parenting and feed their little ones a healthy ready meal.

 I can tell you the taste and quality are superior to other kids meals and there are a few now but they just dont put the same consideration in, it pains me Little Dish are better than some of the toddler dishes I have made, but then children's meals is their business.

Dishes include new Chicken Risotto packed with British chicken and lots of nutritious vegetables, mixed together with risotto rice and cheese.
Salmon and Broccoli pasta Bake which won a Bizzie Baby Gold Award
this year.
One that I would not have touched as a child, Chicken and Butternut Squash Pie I was a fussy kid, but now even I have to say its tasty, little ones definitely love it.

The Fresh Natural Pouches are simply beautiful, both to look at and for the taste, the fruit varieties, Strawberry and Apple, Mango and Bananas and Blueberries,Apple and Bananas. Ingredients are 100% fruit.
These make great snacks for when you are trailing your toddler around town or just an in between mealtime snack.
The savoury ones great as a snack and also as an addition to a meal. Butternut Squash, Carrots and Apple.Sweet potato, Parsnips and Leek and strange but tasty Peas, Pears and Apples.

Many mums have reviewed Little Dish, what I want to review as much is the company themselves.
Little Dish are tireless in their efforts to feed your children well. The website not only promotes the dishes but they really are approachable too. Got a question, a suggestion, a worry, email THe Little Dish Team

They are there to talk to if you have any questions, this includes Katie is the Little Dish Paediatric Dietician who helps makes sure the recipes are tasty and nutritious and Dr.Shilpee who is the Little Dish nutritionist. She makes sure the tasty recipes are packed full of goodness and keeps us up to date on nutrition guidelines.

The chief tasters are two toddlers Monty and Ridley and their friends, not some fusty scientist in a white coat.
Just everything is right about Little Dish starting at the company right down to the plate.

Little Dish say "Everyone here at Little Dish has one simple, abiding wish to cook up fresh food that's healthy and good and tastes absolutely delish"

I think they can safely say they have achieved that.


Little Dish recipes are up for grabs in Tesco and Sainsbury's at two for £4 until the 2nd of November.

Here's what they say.

At Little Dish we know it’s not easy making good nutritious meals for your little ones day in and day out. So that’s what we do. There’s nothing in our food that you wouldn’t find in your own kitchen.

We only use 100% natural ingredients and never add salt or sugar. We create every recipe in partnership with our nutritionist, and each Little Dish is taste tested by a team of tiny tasters before we let it out of the kitchen.

We work with the best suppliers we can find so you can feel good about what you're feeding your children. Our chicken and beef is free from antibiotics and growth hormones and comes from select British farms where the animals are well cared for, and all of our vegetables are tested for pesticides. In fact, Little Dish is so fresh and tasty even grown-ups have been known to tuck in!

You can buy Little Dish at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Waitrose Deliver and


  1. My little grandson loves these, easy for a quick lunch at grandma's when he's not quite old enough for a big dinner.

  2. I have bought these for my kids but I have to say I find them quite expensive and my kids always end up eating whatever me and the hubby have!