Friday, 29 October 2010

HP Be a Star Watch Mine and have a go.

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Ever wanted to be a famous? Wanted to get entrance to any club, the latest celebrity chef or Michelin starred restaurant.
People adoring you, hanging on your every word.
Celebs following you on Twitter and inviting you to their pad  for the weekend.
How about Victoria Beckham begging you to wear her latest designer outfit and David wanting you to watch him play.
Ok its a dream for most  of us, but its nice to pretend, be good though to see a few front page headlines just so you can squeal and feel smug.

The vide is playing up so if its not showing click link here
Look its me I am famous daaarlings!!

Oh but don't forget the price of fame, papparazzi hounding you, hanging out of trees in order to get a shot of you lookinf fat and frumpy. Lurid stories that are not true, ex  partners making up scandal just to cash in on your success. Not being able just to pop into town and have a coffee, go on holiday and just chill!!
Good or bad its not likely to happen, but you can perhaps get a taster.
Now, we aren't promising anything, but with the help of Hewlett Packard's HP - Be A Star  campaign you can see what it would be like to live the highs and lows of the celebrity lifestyle.
Its so simple to do, you just click on the video at the top, if its not working the purple link here or above

Upload a photo, add name and gender and its done. You will be a star.
Keep hold of the bitly link you will need it to share with friends
Its a code similar to mine here repeated again so you don't miss yours 

 ‘Like’ the facebook fanpage:
plus you can view mine  and have a laugh first.
Please leave your links in comments so I can see the true stars of my blog and stalk you on Twitter too.

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