Saturday, 16 October 2010

Gadget Glamour Review - Perfect way to personalise for iPhone & iPad fans

These skins make the ideal Christmas present for your iphone user friends and family. I adore personalising all my gadgets, we have a green swirly retro iPod. These make a practical and fun present and at a great price of £10.

Gadget Glamour sell skins and decals for iPads, laptops and iPod's so something for everyone.

My laptop is getting a makeover as I requested one of Gadget Glamours decals for my Christmas present.
I thing the Snow White skin is so cute, but love the damask too.

My friend has nabbed her favourite the spots one which went onto her phone really easily in fact almost 15 minutes after arrival through the letterbox and she was showing her new look phone. 

They are posted out in record time and come with instructions which are detailed and simple to follow, we did check out the youtube video to make sure we were on the right track. Its posted below for you to see how easy they are.

Custom-designed “skins” for iPhones and iPads have already proved popular with Apple fans in the USA. Now Gadget Glamour has brought them to the UK for the first time, with gorgeous artwork and downloadable, matching wallpapers. Designs range from fairy tales to candy stripes and polka dots, and one-off designs can be created to order.

With iPads predicted to be 2010’s most sought after Christmas gift in the UK, and with more than 2 million iPhones sold in the UK by O2 alone, the newly-launched Gadget Glamour range has created a buzz on Twitter.

Pretty: there are more than 30 eye-catching designs, with matte and gloss finishes available. Matching screen wallpapers can be downloaded from the Gadget Glamour website.

Practical: the adhesive skins are made from durable vinyl, which protects the iPhone / iPad and provides an anti-scratch coating. When peeled away, the skins leave no sticky residue.

Simple to use: each skin comes with instructions, and takes just minutes to apply. The advanced 3M adhesive contains microfine glass beads, allowing you to position the skin correctly. It isn’t until you press down on the skin with your thumb that the glass beads crack and the skin sticks firmly. An instruction video can be viewed at

Fast delivery: Gadget Glamour provides next day delivery within the UK (including Channel Islands).

Good value: prices start at just £10.00 for an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 skin and £15.00 for an iPad skin.


  1. I love these skins, especially the first one.

  2. Love the skins kinda retro..x