Monday, 25 October 2010

Fairy Clean & Care Review With a touch of Olay Softness

I along with scores of women have my hands in water washing up, cleaning, washing my hair, dirty jobs that include gardening,scrubbing and for years it doesn't seem to change your hands, but then all of a sudden, the dryness starts.
I now use hand cream a lot, one dose of water on my hands and they are dried out after towelling, especially as the central heating is now here adding to the effects.
So anything that will help stop the ravaged crepey hand look, I am up for.
Hand cream is good but I also don't want to be applying it every time I wash up.
Fairy Clean and Care sent me two of the new liquids with a touch of Olay Softness which as well as doing what Fairy does best also softens hands. Olay is great on my face and so keen to see if it worked.

The Fairy looks moisturising more like a hydrating shower gel, creamy and thick, I have gorgeous peach and Mandarin plus the Aloe Vera and Cucumber.
I have been using two varieties for all washing up, yesterday I did the Sunday roast dishes yesterday, this is rare as the dishwasher normally obliges, but its on the blink. 

 I do get very dry tight skin with any washing up liquid. My skin was better after use, particulary the Aloe Vera variety, it felt more soothing, both though were good.
So "Hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face!" really applies, oh drat I will be singing that all day now.



In a recent poll conducted by Fairy Clean & Care*, 37% of UK women identified their hands as the most neglected part of their body. More importantly for today’s beauty conscious women, 36% of them felt that this statement was true not just of them, but of women in general! When you consider how much effort and money goes on the average women’s beauty regime, it appears that women could be letting themselves down here, especially when they unanimously agree that hands do tell your true age.
Amazingly, findings from the survey suggest only 15% of women spend their beauty budget on professional treatments for their hands, yet this is despite the 70% of women who say that the everyday stresses of their modern lives is literally ‘in their hands’ - air conditioning is said to be the worst offender (45%), then the great outdoors (30%) compared to just 27% for washing-up.

Findings also suggest the face gets all the attention when it comes to regular beauty treatment, but as the most touchy-feely part of the body at high risk of dryness from every day toil and stress, the hands are surely the place where our quest for softer skin should start? After all, 66% of women agreed soft skin makes them feel healthy.

Step in the new hand care saviour Fairy Clean & Care with a touch of Olay Softness, bringing beauty science technology straight to a kitchen sink near you. Procter & Gamble’s skincare scientists and experts have utilised their research and expertise, to provide a daily solution for improving skin softness, resulting in soft and moisturised hands.

A first for homecare, Fairy Clean & Care with a touch of Olay Softness contains a skin conditioning polymer also used in some well known beauty brands’ cleansers and body washes. Designed to leave hands feeling soft and moisturised after washing up, the new Fairy formulation helps to tackle the negative effects of the everyday toil and stress that our hands often face.

 New Fairy Clean & Care with a touch of extra softness will be available in four pretty pastel-hued variants, Aloe & Cucumber, Silk & Orchid, Almond and Peach & Mandarin.

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  1. LOL, gonna be looking at everyone else's hands now and judging them!