Thursday, 7 October 2010

E45 Endless Moisture Radiance Review

I heard on the TV news and weather last night that Britain is at long last getting the Indian Summer they promise each year, its coming this weekend and I am pretty pleased, firstly Paige is off to do her Duke of Edinburgh Silver practice and it will be a whole lot easier in dry conditions. I  have lots of gardening I want to do and maybe if its sunny a lovely warm bike ride or hike.

I also at this time of year due to summer fading notice my golden tan fading and because the heating has been on, my skin getting dry too.
E45 has a range called Endless Moisture and now have added a lovely lotion that will help maintain my summer glow, plus if we do get the summer that's Indian (why do we call it that, I would have thought an Indian Summer would be very hot?)I will get to prolong my tan a little longer.

E45 Endless Moisture provides long-lasting moisture and protection from water loss, meaning your skin is as moisturised in the evening as when you applied the product in the morning.

Its unique formulation contains a complex of natural lipid and glycerine that work with your skin to replenish lost moisture & then build and maintain hydration in the skin from morning till evening.

E45 Endless Moisture Radiance body lotion is now enriched with radiance boosters to give your skin a naturally radiant glow.

Your skin looks naturally radiant and is moisturised all day long.

■Light weight

■Quickly absorbed

■Non greasy


■For normal to dry skin

■Lightly Fragranced
I have been using it for about a week now and its son light to use, it absorbs into the skin very quickly, this is the one benefit that will have me running back for more. I love them going on quickly especially if I am in a rush to dress in the morning.
Its got a lovely light flowery scent too, very pleasant.
It soothes dry skin on contact and over the week my legs have benefited from being smooth and soft. Its non greasy too , so you can get on without having to wipe your hands before dressing. Another good benefit.
If you are expecting a shimmering product, this is not it, it definitely makes your skin look brighter and yes has radiance. I tested it on one arm only and it was more obvious. I like the subtleness as some of these products can look too shiny.
Of course on top of all this is the fact that its E45 so for people who have sensitive skin its still a safe product for the skin.
Lastly the name Endless it  is very long lasting, I found I could skip moisturising in the evening, not my hands but then they get a lot of water on, but my legs were still hydrated.
I like this as an all round good moisturiser and the little shine to my skin has made me feel brighter,
now where is that sunshine?
Can be bought at Boots and supermarkets for around £4.49

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  1. Great review. E45 is such a great company, and they really do really good creams.