Friday, 1 October 2010

The Dodo Household Stuff Book Review

A third of UK people (64%), admit they would forget things if they didn’t write them down! The worrying Tickbox survey for Dodo-Pad, was completed by 1,383 UK adults. It revealed women as the scattier sex, with 45% forgetting a friend’s birthday compared to only 28% of men, and 44% losing an important document compared to 37% of men! The nation is scattier than the bods at Dodo Towers once thought – scarily scatty, in fact!

Are you a scatty soul searching for inner calm in a jumbled world? Well, rest assured you’re not alone; it seems that the vast proportion of our harebrained society lives an existence plagued by wandering warrantees, littered with absent bills, and wrecked by lost lists! A Dodo-Pad ( survey themed around organisation (or the lack of it) revealed that 75% of people have a junk drawer where they stuff things. In addition, 56% of people have forgotten an important date, 26% of people classify themselves as forgetful, and four in ten have lost an important document such as their passport, driving license or insurance documents! So it’s about time the country pulled itself together and grabbed a Dodo Household Stuff Book to help get life back on track.


The Household Stuff Book creates order out of your chaos and brings harmony to your home. With a wipe-clean weekly activities page, conversion tables and 100 extra refillable pages, along with sections for birthday lists, bills, annual reminders and holiday info, you’ll have no excuse once you’ve got your mitts on one of these! Whether your home is a shell in Shropshire, a mansion in Milton Keynes, or a beach hut in Brighton, the Household Stuff Book can prevent a pickle thanks to its plethora of pockets and pouches to stuff and store in.
So if you’re bewildered by absent telephone numbers and bedevilled by roving documents, let the Household Stuff Book set your home in order. If the three quarters of people who confessed to having a junk drawer where they ‘file’ their important documents had been lucky owners of a Household Stuff Book – they could have avoided stuffing them as it offers the perfect home for all the crucial bits and bobs that clutter up your junk drawer. It’s priced at £18.95 from or by calling 0845 053 1166.

I love this, I have so many people I can think of to give as a present, but I also want to keep it.

Its like a filofax
Bills and an annual section is great for things that don't need to be done daily.
There is a Christmas section, so a boon for organising prezzies. Just everything you so often need to remember can be stored in one place!
Just don't forget to buy one!

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