Monday, 4 October 2010

DAP Well Being and Calm for your Dog this Firework night

With Fireworks Night coming up it can be a worrying and stressful time for dogs and their owners, keeping them indoors and trying to make a calming environment works for some. Fireworks night often now is not just on the one night, festivals such as Diwali, New Years Eve also now are celebrated using fireworks.
This can be a real tense and nervy time for your dog and as it can happen over many nights its hard to preempt it with diverting the dog from the noise and lights.
My dog used to tremble, my cousins dog is nervy with any loud noises. Some symptoms of a nervous pet are very obvious, some not.

You know your pet better than anybody and will often notice changes in behaviour in traumatic situations, such as Bonfire Night. During the firework season many pets become stressed and fearful. The symptoms to look out for include:

•Trembling and shaking
•Clinging to owners
•Barking excessively
•Cowering and hiding behind furniture
•Trying to run away
•Soiling the house
•Pacing and panting
•Refusing to eat

Stress is a common problem in dogs and cats as well as ourselves, and is on the increase. There are many different causes and manifestations of stress. Many dogs and cats find it difficult to adapt to change - this can be a major source of stress for many animals.

DAP is a synthetic copy of a dog's naturally occurring appeasing pheromones from the lactating female. The DAP Diffuser works like a plug in air freshener, continuously releasing the odourless natural pheromone into the dogs environment, helping to make it feel safe and calm. The DAP Diffuser is a natural solution, there is no sedative effect and the dogs ability to interact and play is maintained.

Plug DAP into an electric outlet in the room most frequented by the dog. The diffuser is reusable and vials may be replaced as needed. Each vial lasts approximately four weeks and covers up to 650-square-feet.

DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone diffuser releases a pacifying pheromone which has been successfully used to treat chronic problems such as destruction, barking, whining, house soiling or excessive licking in adult dogs.

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