Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cooks & Co Review

Well Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat!
Please put a penny in my latest hat!!
Traditional rhymes made new, but today I am talking new food I am very happy as Cooks&Co are adding goose fat to their range of fine foods.
I was first introduced to the magic of this fat by the gorgeous Nigella Lawson and when she first mentioned goose fat for the perfect roast potato, it doubled sales in supermarkets. 
Now that was 4 years ago and with Cooks&Co adding one to the range of fine foods it will be a welcome addition this Christmas.

I was sent some of the range to try and its a hard job but somebody had to do it.

The olives are big and juicy, plump and fresh tasting. The Jalapeno pepper stuffed olives are so tasty, a really good spicy kick,really works well with the mild buttery olive.
The sundried tomato filled olives are a fleeting memory, the sweet full tomato flavour again a perfect match for the olive , so divine in fact I went just now to get another one to talk about it more but they were missing!!! Yikes!!
I have found and rung the culprit, my husband and I asked where they were, in a naughty schoolboy voice he said "They are in my tummy!"

So I said as you have eaten my review, would you care to give me your verdict on them, he said "They were yummy!"
I asked did he care in the interests of my review to elaborate, he replied "They were yummy and I would like some more please!"
Chris doesn't review as you can possibly tell.

My new discovery of a taste I like are the Vine leaves stuffed with rice. I have to admit I did not fancy the idea, but once out of the tin they smelled minty and herby, so I tried them.
They are moist, full of flavour, dill, mint and a lemony taste I detected.
Another great appetiser for Christmas and I can see these being on my BBQ starters and nibbles.
The prices are very good too starting at £2.49 for a good sized jar of olives.

Now to hunt down the Cooks&Co goose fat

COOKS&CO is the must-have fine food range to stock up on when looking to impress at dinner parties or to simply add some wow factor to everyday cooking. The range includes delicious olives, sun dried tomatoes, red peppers and vine leaves, which are perfect for all those who appreciate good food and want to add a touch of Mediterranean flair and flavour to their cooking.

COOKS&CO use only the finest quality ingredients from producers around the world for maximum flavour so time-poor food lovers can prepare restaurant-quality meals at home for an affordable price.

So when looking for the perfect additions for the ultimate mezze selection, COOKS&CO has it all - from delicious COOKS&CO Green Olives Stuffed with Sundried Tomatoes to COOKS&CO Stuffed Vine Leaves and COOKS&CO Red Peppers Stuffed with Feta Cheese.

New to the range, COOKS&CO Roasted Red Peppers can be used instead of fresh peppers for an intense sweet flavour and are great to have with cheese, cured meats or as part of a tapas selection.

And just in time for Christmas, new premium Pure Goose Fat is now available - perfect for when heavenly roast tatties are in demand!

COOKS&CO products are available from Tesco, Asda ,Morrisons, Booths, Budgens, Co-Op and leading independent retailers.

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