Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chang Beer Review


I was recently sent the Thai Good Food Guide and as a complement some Chang Beer.
I love a new flavour to try and as we eat Thai food on occasion, it was the perfect opportunity.
I like a light beer, I also like it to be fizzy and Chang has both these qualities, the fizz is very good. It smells malty and I like it instantly.
I am put off some beers in the aroma and as a consequence try not to do it before tasting. For review purposes I had to for my benefit and to pass it on to you.
OK taste, its got a sweet back flavour, but it has a tangy taste at the forefront. Its lemony almost and its very very pleasant.
We had a Thai green curry with it, had to be an authentic meal to see if it does go well.
It lends itself well and I expect the citrus taste complements the lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves I added.
I like the taste and as I often do after drinking half start to read the bottle or packet of any product I really like. I was impressed that Chang is bottled in Thailand, and imported, so its authentic too.

The Chang experience

The genuinely-imported Thai beer will encourage the stylish beer drinker to rediscover their adventurous spirit and passions yet, at the same time, prove a refreshing and uplifting alternative with its well-balanced, exotic taste.

Whether you’ve been to Thailand or it’s on your wish list, Chang Beer is flavourful and light – perfect for sipping at dusk whilst watching the sun set over the ocean or park.


Everyone loves Chang! Chang has been recognised for its unique and authentic taste all over the world over the past few years and already boasts a collection of medals including gold medals from the World Beer Championships, the Australian International Beer Award and gold from the 2009 World Beers and Drinks Selection.


Chang is now widely available at a range of outlets including all 138 Oddbins stores and some regional Tesco stores, Makro and Booker and Booths throughout the UK.

Buy online at www.changbeerstore.com or find out more about Chang at www.changbeer.com

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