Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Brewers Fayre Review

I was asked to review our local Brewers Fayre at  Hampton, Peterborough. I have to admit to not visiting there for a few years. It was a regular dining venue when my two could use the Brewster's kids facilities, we were regulars and they also went to many a friends birthday party. It was an all round great place for families who want to have a place to relax while the children tear about and are not confined to a staid family meal.

Since Paige and Conor have grown, we no longer need the entertainment requirement, so have stopped using the child friendly favourites quite as much.
Brewster's is no longer at the Brewers Fayre so it seems they while being a family restaurant have grown up too.
We visited on a Sunday, all keen to try out the Sunday roasts, there were five in our party, Chris myself and three hungry teens.

On arrival I was impressed by the exterior of the restaurant, the ample car  park was clear of litter and the restaurant was well kept, clean windows and door. A well maintained garden and the foyer was warm, clean and we felt welcomed already.

Stepping inside, the restaurant opened into a large restaurant to the left and a pub to the right and back. This was very busy with two large TV screens playing a Liverpool FC vs Blackpool match.

We were a little early so ordered drinks at the bar, what stood out, was that although the bar was busy, we were acknowledged immediately and served in turn. The staff had their eyes on the service and carried it out well. All drinks were perfectly served, in clean glasses and the right temperature.

We wandered over to the dining area and  were greeted straight away and led to a table in the window, which was clean and well laid with cutlery.

The restaurant was large and roomy, our whole time there, though it was very busy at no time did we feel cramped or unable to relax.
It was a bit too warm and I was glad I was in a light top.

We decided on Sunday Roast all round and went to the food service point. Placed our orders easily and went back to our seats.

The food arrived very quickly and all plates looked appetising, four of us had roast beef and Conor had chosen roast pork.

The food was hot, the beef was succulent and well cooked, just pink. The roast potatoes were deemed the favourite of the meal by all, hot crispy and soft inside. The vegetables were pretty standard, just carrots and broccoli but well cooked and tasty. The only gripe was the Yorkshire puddings, they were ready made bought in, too light and chewy. I know a large restaurant have to cover meals all day but homemade Yorkshires would set a venue apart every time for us.

Being a mystery shopper I do seem to have a standard tick box in my head that I do try to switch off for family meals outand when reviewing.
 The courtesey check however is a standard eating out expectation and on this occasion was not carried out.
The portion size generous, we finished feeling very replete and I could not even entertain the idea of a dessert. I settled for tea. Conor opted  for Chocolate Fudge Cake with vanilla ice cream, the girls decided to share the Chocolate Indulgence. Chris joined me and ordered coffee. He was happy as it was Costa's and a favourite brand.

The desserts were relished, Conor did not pause to say how it was until the end when he declared he had chosen the best dessert.
The Chocolate Indulgence disappeared in oohs and ahs of pleasure.
My tea was lovely and I am ultra fussy about my cuppa.

In conclusion we were thoroughly spoiled, had great food in very pleasant surroundings and promised ourselves we will be returning soon.
Its a great dining experience for the whole family young to old.

At home we looked at the website, there are lots of great food offers and themed evenings such as Pie Night on a Tuesday its a Pie and Pint including some tasty varieties, traditional Beef and Ale to more the unusual Chicken Balti Pie.
All for a tasty £6.99.

Check out the Chip shop night, Curry Night and not forgetting Christmas menus now on from £12.99 for three courses.



  1. Brewer's Fayres are great value for money!

  2. It's ages since I've been to a Brewer's Fayre, but the last time I did go it was lovely! SO much nicer than the Harvester! Will have to make sure I visit again soon :-)