Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Brainbox All Around The World Review

I was sent the Brainbox Around The World by Brightminds. Its a memory recall game for our family to play and for me to review, it arrived on a great weekend, as my daughter had a friend staying, its been a heavy rain filled few days and so a great chance to test the fun factor.

The description said:

Test your intelligence with Brainbox All Around The World. Do you have a good memory when it comes to spotting pictures and words appearing on beautifully-illustrated cards? If so, then this game is for you! This memory recall game is challenging enough to get your brain into gear and is fun for people of all ages. To play, roll the die and answer a quick-fire question to win the card.

Its brilliant in its simplicity its like Pairs the card game, but Brainbox does not have to be for just one player, plus lets you learn facts about a country.
Its timed so there is that fun part of desperately racing to remember the picture so you can answer the question.
Player one gets a card has 10 seconds to study the card.  Your opponent then rolls the dice and picks a question relating to the number rolled.
If player one gets it right you keep the card.
Then its player two's turn and so on. We found it a fast playing game as its all over after 10 minutes, the winner being the one who has the most cards. We all liked the short length of the game, its easy sometimes for a player to get bored or as so often happens in our house, the phone rings and everybody has to wait  or abandon the game.
There is a round for one player where you have to answer all the questions, Paige also played this and found it a bit  boring, but then she is pretty sociable, so she preferred the game with us and or her brother and friend.

The great thing about this is its a real fun way of learning facts. Its not too easy that an adult gets bored and not too difficult for a young child. I looked on the BrightMinds website and saw some other topics. Kings and Queens appeals to me, Conor fancies the football version.

Its got my recommendation for not only a fun way to pass 10 minutes, but an educational 10 minutes too.

Age 8 and above. (RRP 9.99)
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  1. That looks like a really fun game....The kids can learn without realising it....Might have to look for it for christmas!