Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Blizzard Wizard- Frank Hinks Part of the Ramion series

Wrap up warm, ‘The Blizzard Wizard’ has an icy tale for children this winter!


The Blizzard Wizard is the 14th book in the brilliant Ramion series

“Wake up! Wake up!” the Guide cried, “The Blizzard Wizard has turned the Gardener into ice. Ramion is in great danger!”

One touch of the Blizzard Wizard and body, mind and spirit turn to ice. With the unwitting help of foolish Cloud 9 the Princess of the Night frees the Blizzard Wizard from prison.
 With the rabbit Scrooey-Looey the boys, Julius, Alexander and Benjamin set out to gather earth from the bottom of a pond where the Ducky Rocky lives surrounded by monsters of the forest, pure water guarded by a snake in the deepest cavern in Iliana, breeze from Mount Nereid and fire from the volcano of the Princess of the Night.

These four elements when they combine will bind up the Blizzard Wizard and take him back to his prison cell. Can the warrior cat Snuggle save the land of Ramion again?!

The Blizzard Wizard makes me want to read the series, Frank Hinks website is fantastical!

Visit the site for fantastic illustrations, more about Frank Hinks and his other Ramion works.
While you are there check out the  Activity Zone

In this area you can play games, listen to a bedtime story, enter the competition, leave messages in the Guest Book, and download fun materials like masks and colouring sheets, and also download wallpaper files for your computer.

RRP : £12.99 (Hardback)

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ISBN 9780954704667

Story 14 in the Ramion series. 36 full colour Illustrations.

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