Friday, 22 October 2010

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The fundamental problem with time is that it produces a lot of crap. We're not just another group of activists out there bulldozing our way through everything to get what we want. No. We are true believers in our cause. And we believe in everything that is durable.

The Time proof Association believes in beauty and the sense behind all things that stand the test of time. We are against fads and "here today gone tomorrow", banal, superficial fashions that take away our most precious possession; time.

1. We fight against time because Time destroys everything.

2. We refuse to be slaves to the monotonous tick-tock of time.

3. We will not use ephemeral elements whilst time continues to inexorably bring all things to an end.

4. We were not born to resist the passage of time; we were born to overcome it.

Therefore we invite you to join us and unite our forces together to combat this scourge called time.

Time proof yourself!

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