Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Bendaroos Activity Centre Review


Bendaroos have been a favourite toy in our house for a while, we saw then demoed in Hamley's when they were first released. Paige is mad into crafts and is never happier than when she making some new creation.
They do look like psychedelic pipe cleaners or strips of plasticine, but these are an art accessory without the mess of plasticine, or sharp pointy ends of pipe cleaners.
Paige likes to  plait and bend them  into necklaces, bracelets, keyrings, flowers and animals. I am happy with them as they are glue less, easy to store, just a fun mess free activity. 
I  have a blue and yellow Bendaroos friendship bracelet that I will treasure.

If you were wondering if they are worth buying, I can thoroughly recommend for hours of fun and for ages 5 and above, fun for a large age range too.
Your children will still be fetching this out for many years to come.

The new Bendaroos Creativity Centre is an ideal start for a budding crafter. You can entertain kids of all ages for hours. The magic was super strings can be made into characters, animals, buildings and a plethora of other things. 

 They can be shaped, bent, wrapped and stuck. No matter what you dish out, they can take it! And when they are done, Bendraroos completely unbend and are ready for the next rounds of arts and crafts.

Everything you need in 1 cool set to make impressive 3D and 2D Bendaroos creations. Comes with 3 shapers to help you make brilliant 3D shapes, scissors and 2 3D animal moulds to bind the Bendaroos around to make amazing animals. Use the turntable to make creating easy. 100 coloured Bendaroos included that you can organise and safely store in the Creativity Centre, along with all your tools. Includes Instruction Guide.

Bendaroos are strips of magical wax wrapped around super strong string . They stick to paper, glass, plastic, and each other, to help make awesome models and shapes.
This fun craft set contains 100 Bendaroos in 12 different colours , and a variety of tools to create all sorts of Bendaroo creations.
Cut a Bendaroo with the safety scissors, then wrap it around one of the four shaping tools to create shapes you can decorate to create models, or use the two armatures as the starting point for wild animal models.
The Creativity Center has a turntable to help you make your models, and to show them off afterwards, space to hold your tools and Bendaroos, and even a drawer for storing your Bendaroo creations. Bendaroos Creativity Centre is great for encouraging creative play with Bendaroos.

Visit the Bendaroos website, for things to do and  a gallery to view peoples works of art and even upload your own.
 This month there is a fab Autumn Fun area with great projects.


  1. I really want to buy these for myself (rediscover my inner child and all that) but I can't because I know that Mister A will want to play with them too! lol that's awful isn't it - but Im too much of a perfectionist to allow less than perfect benderoo art!

  2. These look fantastic. We are a very crafty house, and these would fit in our house no bother lol. I love to see Kieran (4yrs) experimenting and creating! It's amazing seeing what his mind can think up! Fab review.

  3. Great fun learning tool for kids and adults

  4. Great review as always - thank you!