Thursday, 21 October 2010

Aggie's Probiotics Review and free sample news

I was very curious to try Aggies Probiotic's a new cleaning range mainly because of the name. I was half expecting yogurt, mostly when I visit my local supermarket and buy "probiotic", yogurt is what I come home with. There is a food link but its ingredients grapefruit and lime.

Reading the info is very informative, we all have heard of friendly bacteria, living in our gut but they also live in our home and are just as friendly and also actually beneficial, so all this time I have been spraying with antibacterial, I have been inviting more harmful bacteria in as they have the space to sneak in.

With a probiotic (Probio means for life) a spray will actually inhibit harmful bacteria by allowing the friendly ones in, so in effect there is no room for the nasties. They get crowded out by good.

OK that's all well and good but whats it like to use I hear you say.
Well the bathroom spray smells fantastic firstly, I like citrus fragrance as you will know by now reading my blog.
The grapefruit is very evident and makes a really refreshing aroma.
The bathroom spray is very very good, so good in fact it will be a permanent bathroom product  here. It cleans as expected, but its the shine it gives to taps!!  To any chrome and the sink, and bath itself. I also recommend you just spray around, go off and do something else, come back and rinse. Its that good.
Very impressive, its certainly friendly to me.

Aggie MacKenzie launches the world’s first household
probiotic cleaning range

Cleaning guru Aggie MacKenzie has launched a range of cleaning products using probiotics, which will revolutionise germ protection around the home.
Aggie’s Probiotics are now available in Sainsbury's
as well as Lakeland and other independent stores.

The range, Aggie's Probiotics currently comprises four products: Multisurface Cleaner, Washing Up Liquid, Toilet Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner, all with a sparklingly fresh grapefruit and zesty lime fragrance. Aggie’s products are the first to make use of the wonders of probiotics for household cleaning.

Aggie says: “These days we’re led to believe that all bacteria are bad for us.
The fact is that only ONE per cent will do us any harm; the other 99 per cent are there to keep us healthy. The problem with ordinary antibacterial and chemical cleaners is that they kill up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria on a surface, and that includes all the friendly bacteria that help provide us with a natural defence against germs.”

Aggie’s Probiotics work differently. A combination of natural cleaning agents and probiotics are used both to clean and protect surfaces, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria for up to EIGHT days, independent studies undertaken at Geneius Laboratories in Newcastle showed.

The consumer market for probiotic drinks in the UK is estimated to be worth a staggering £164m, with almost 60 per cent of households regularly buying brands such as Yakult and Actimel.

 Aggie firmly believes there will be a big demand for her probiotic cleaning products as increasing numbers of householders take their germ protection more seriously: “This is a totally revolutionary – and natural – approach to household cleaning. In addition to longer-lasting germ protection, my probiotic cleaners are able to work more deeply on a surface, at a micro-level which ordinary cleaners do not reach, creating a brilliant shine and, even better, they can keep on working even after you wipe.”

Purchase at Sainsbury's and all other good supermarkets

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