Thursday, 23 September 2010

Logicor Green Plug Reduce Electricity Consumption by 33%

Logicor has just released its Green Plug onto the market. The plug can be attached to any electrical appliance and contains an air driven timer that automatically turns off the power supply after a set amount of time.

The Green Plug is designed to switch off everyday household electrical appliances that are either accidentally left switched on or normally left on standby for long periods of time, saving up to 33% off energy bills and reducing carbon emissions.

I was sent one to trial and it was hard to know where to put it first, I have teens you see, so Paige with her TV, freeview box, CD player and DVD. Conor has TV, PS2, Xbox 360 and DVD too, also known to leave his Hi Fi on with just the standby.

I have plenty of sockets and offending standbys to try this on.

I recently made a green pledge at a city Green Fair, I aime to cut down the use of power and stop using plastic carrier bags.
I am doing quite well, but need to do more, so this would help too. 

Nowadays I am more careful with leaving lights on, Chris and I both turn the mains off before bed. Paige and Conor however often go to sleep or out to school after watching TV leaving them in standby.
They get switched off at the remote, but are still guzzling silently away all night and daytime, if I don't check.

But to my horror I realised this week that the printer, scanner, copier had been on all weekend.

So the HP won. You just have to plug in, then push the top part of the plug in and this starts the timer. It pops out and switches off the printer in this case,after 16 minutes. Its rather like those timed lights you see in hotels that push off and switch off.

The nifty thing about the plug there are different switch off timed plugs for different appliances. See the website for details.

In an extensive trial the Green Plug is still being  tested in conjunction with nine appliances that have been chosen especially. These include: irons, hair-care appliances (for example, hair straighteners and curling tongs), portable heaters, table lamps, microwave ovens, lap-tops, phone chargers, electric cookers and immersion heaters. The trial will be held in seventy homes, evaluated over a two to four week period and is due to end in September 2010.

Price: £6.49 inc delivery and VAT


  1. Great Product, I purchased 5 Green plugs,great product!

  2. If it reduces up to 33% off energy bills, it must be worth considering. I very useful blog!