Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System OOOOOH its exciting!

Have you seen the Toy Story Little Green Men (LGM)in the Pizza Place in the grab a prize machine. Especially the scene where they all go "Oooooooh" in wonderment and raise their hands in exaltation at the Claw as it will take them to a better place, well the ooh happened in my kitchen
over the new Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System. 

NEW Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System, and revolutionise how you clean your hands in the home.

Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, the no drip, no mess Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System encourages kids to wash their hands more often. The battery operated sensor is fun to use so children will be eager to clean up after indoor or outdoor play. So use the No-Touch Hand Wash System to encourage children to wash their hands and address the importance of regular hand washing while still being able to enjoy getting dirty.

Now I will go one better, since this has been in our kitchen, I think everybody not just the kids are washing their hands more.

Its a neat little device, sits easily on my sink in the kitchen. I found it easy to assemble, I have to say,not before fighting to get it out of the rigid plastic which was no mean feat.

I do not like those packets that you struggle with, then resort to scissors, then try to avoid cuts on the hard plastic as you still have to wrench it open. Are these more Eco friendly than a cardboard box anybody know?

But that aside The Dettol No touch unit fits easily together.
You pop the batteries (included) into the dispenser, shut the door. then remove the sticker from the soap refill, insert until you hear a click and switch on. The red light blinks and when it stops its ready to use.

In turn we all oohed and ahhed and  put our cupped hands under, you do get quite a bit of soap dispensed, maybe a bit more than I would use if I was dispensing from a pump bottle. But Dettol say that just the right amount is dispensed to kill 99% of bacteria. 

Conor decided as if it was alive he would try and trick it by quickly flicking his hands through, I am happy to say it did not dispense. A good thing I feel as with washing up and cleaning the area, you wouldn't want it to keep dispensing. You can switch it off as well overnight for instance.

This has been a source of interest for days, to think its a soap dispenser when all is said and done. neighbours and school mates have all been given a demo and without fail, all have gone "Oooooh"

There are three soap varieties, Hydrating Cucumber Splash, Refreshing Grapefruit Essence and Cleansing Green Tea & Ginger.
We tried the cucumber splash and loved it, its very refreshing to use and smell. 

Whats interesting to know is the reason behind the No Touch system is that the usual hand pump bottles are actually a breeding ground for bacteria. Thinking about it you have really dirty hands and then press the top to use, then the next time you use the dirt from the previous use is till on the pump. Try this in a busy kitchen or bathroom and its got lots of different bacteria.  Eww I never really considered this. Its a very clever device, it would be nice to see this appear in public conveniences, schools and hospitals.

The initial outlay for the unit is £9.99 RRP this includes the base, batteries and refill, I spotted it in Wilkinson's for £6.99 on Saturday.

Three varieties of refills (250ml) are available from RRP £2.99 each, again I saw these cheaper at £2.69.

Available from all leading supermarkets and retailers


  1. this is a stupid product.

  2. Hi "Anonymous" a constructive comment would be more than welcome. What in particular did you find to be stupid?

  3. Hello!
    Got mine on Sunday, loved it!
    By Friday though it stopped dispensing, and is blinking red. The batteries in the pack are supposed to be new but i tried to replace them with new ones, still nothing, if it gets clogged very so little it is very impractical... Do not know what to do with now, still full of soap.. :(

    1. having the same experience. Had mine for just over 3 weeks and its now blinking constantly and not dispensing. Tried replacing the batteries but still no Joy.

    2. I would take it back to the supermarket who will replace it. Failing that I am sure Dettol would refund you too, I just had a look at their website, here is the page for consumers to contact.