Thursday, 23 September 2010

Baco New EasyCut Clingfilm Dispenser

Is it possible to be in love with cling film, not just a mild flirtation, but head over heels, is it legal even?
Well arrest me and lock me up if its not,as I am in love.

I would like to introduce you to the suitor in question, Baco EasyCut cling film and dispenser. I will explain why you too will love it, so to start we need to explore hatred.

OK you all know hate for clingfilm, its the best thing for wrapping sliced bread since, well sliced bread but can you find the end?
No, you scratch and scratch at the roll, digging around and after an age, finally find a piece that lifts!
Then as you start to peel you realise all that digging around has made the top layers turn into wispy strips that cling to your hands, wrap around each other and have no ability now to cover anything at all.

So next after discarding the mess you made and hanging on to the end, you then start to pull out a length, ready to lay on the work surface. You try to tear and it all curls up as you pull, it grabs at your wrist as you try to keep it straight, vainly holding on to the end and pulling the roll. Growling you try to flatten it out, but its not playing fair, so in desperation you wrench at the last piece to tear it.
It seems to have a life of its own as it rolls around itself and cursing you roll it up and toss it into the bin.

Sweaty browed and now determined that a piece of flaming wrap is not going to best you, you pull a new length, this time swearing and mumbling like a mad person, you hold it down with an elbow or cup. Get the end and tear determinedly and at last you have your piece, you cannot even breathe with relief for fear it will blow away.

You delicately pick it up and place over your Pyrex bowl and the b****y thing wont stick!!!!

Arrrrgggghhhh thats hate!

So now you can have the opposite with Baco EasyCut, seriously seriously friendly, its a roll in a sturdy dispenser.
You just grasp the edge, no digging around, I found it instantly.
Pull upwards is best to the length required, then close the lid. Release and tear off, its pure easy simple bliss!
It clings happily to the bowl and not to my hands. I am so impressed.
When its finished, just pop out and buy a refill roll.


Best known for Bacofoil and other food storage and waste management products, the Telford-based Baco design team have been determined to help busy food lovers solve everyday cling film frustrations. Baco EasyCut is also proudly manufactured at the company’s Telford base.

Baco EasyCut is made from durable and recyclable PVC and is sleek enough to fit into a kitchen drawer or cupboard. Each dispenser is pre-loaded with 40m of cling film and, when required, can be refilled simply with unique Baco EasyCut Refill Rolls.

Baco cling film is a hygienic multi-purpose film that can safely be used in the fridge, freezer and in a microwave as a lidding agent.

Find new Baco EasyCut cling film dispensers and Refill Rolls on the household aisle of most supermarkets, priced from £2.98 and £1.79 respectively.

Baco Easy Cut dispensers are engineered to last, though not indefinitely. Each dispenser can, on average, be refilled four times, after which the mechanism may begin to show signs of natural wear and tear. Each component can be readily recycled via a local authority collection scheme or recycling point.


  1. Ooh I could really do with one of these, am sick of ending up with weirdly shaped bits of cling film that I've managed to rip off!

  2. My husband won't let me buy anything else.